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NEW Strike Industries Long & Short M-LOK Cable Management Covers

NEW Strike Industries Long & Short M-LOK Cable Management Covers

As we add more and more crap onto the handguard of our carbines, things can get a bit messy. Most of what we attach is electronic in nature: weapon lights, IR devices, marital aides, etc. Many of these also have cables. If you run an M-LOK handguard and need some help [Read More…]

FAB Defense introduces their new Gradus-M foregrip (shown here) and GL-Core M buttstock. Meet the M-LOK Handbrake and Micro Cable Clips from Emissary Development. NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y Galil Ace Gen II Griffin Armament introduces their new line of M-LOK rails, the SR-RIGID series. Samson Manufacturing M-LOK Earplug Holders (1) Strike Industries SIEGEN Rail Covers (1) Mdt TAC21 GEN2 CHASSIS SYSTEM LINK Tripod Adaptor AimShot M-LOK and KeyMod Quick Release Picatinny Rail Sections (1) Manticore Arms 15 M-LOK Handguard for CZ Scorpion EVO (1) TFB Review Aluminum Extended AK HandguardRail by CROOK of Ukraine (range) (1) Dan Haga Designs Aluminum PS90 M-LOK Handguards (1) SAINT Edge SBR F4 Defense Adaptive Rail System - M-LOK and Picatinny Combined (1) Universal Safety Selector

NEW: Badger Ordnance Modular Condition 1 Safety Selector & M-LOK Mounting Rails for Bolt-Actions

Badger Ordnance has two pretty unique products that came out this year that will suit black gun enthusiasts as well as bolt-action rifle shooters. One is a Condition 1 Safety Selector for AR-15s while the other is an M-LOK Rail that can be inletted into bolt-action [Read More…]