New Arisaka Defense 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    Arisaka Defense has some of the best aftermarket products when it comes to bolting stuff onto your rifles. New for the month of May is their new Dual Side Scout Mount (DSSM-M) and their M-LOK to M-LOK Adapter 40° MMA40 mount. Each of these allows you to customize and open up your rifle to more lighting and switching options so you can have it running just the way you like it.

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    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    New Arisaka Defense 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    Each of the new mounts is sold for a price of $45 and each of them allows you to more efficiently use your IR or visible light aiming equipment attached to your rail.

    Arisaka M-Lok to M-Lok Adapter

    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    The Arisaka M-Lok to M-Lok Adapter (MMA) provides the user with a set of three half M-Lok slots at 40 degrees offset. This is especially useful for handguards that lack M-Lok slots at the 1:30 and 10:30 clock positions. As shown in the product images, the MMA is perfect for mounting a Unity Hot Button to one side of the top rail, allowing easy activation with your thumb.

    The MMA can also be used on the 6 o’clock M-Lok slots in combination with a vertical grip like our VFG-M to create a grip that angles out to one side, providing more clearance around drum magazines or for use on a light machine gun.

    The 40° adapter places your mod button at a more optimal angle for your thumb to use. There are a few aluminum examples of something like this that I’ve come across in recent memory.

    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    Arisaka Dual Side Scout Mount M-Lok

    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    The Arisaka Dual Side Scout Mount (DSSM) has the ability to mount two Scout lights side by side and only occupies a single M-Lok slot. This mount allows the user to run a powerful white light like the 18350/18650 Series E2XTL or Modlite PLHv2/OKW, plus a supplemental infrared illuminator like the B.E. Meyers Kiji, Malkoff EX IR, or Modlite IR heads.

    The DSSM is designed for use with Surefire Scout Lights, the Modlite IR, PLH and OKW weapon lights, the Arisaka 300, 600, 18350 and 18650 Series, the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount lightsand the Olight Odin. It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low profile mount for M-Lok handguards, and tucks the light underneath either side of the ATPIAL laser/illuminator series, including the ATPIAL-C, AN/PEQ15, and LA-5/PEQ. It will also allow the light to clear the QD lever on the Steiner DBAL I2, A3, and D2.

    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

    A full list of compatible lights, as well as installation and torque specs, are available on the product description page at The dual light mount is interesting and should in theory allow you to use a flood IR illuminator and visible light at the same time without needing to integrate them into one unit. This could offer some people who can’t accord a higher-end IR/Visible laser aiming device to accomplish the task with two cheaper units and the $45 mount. But I’d like to hear your thoughts on these two new products. Let us know if either of these looks useful to you down in the comments!

    Arisaka's New 40° Adapter and DSSM M-LOK Light Mount

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