[NRAAM 2024] Warbird American Made Level IIIA Soft Body Armor

Today Luke C.​⁠ is with Matt from Warbird Protection to talk about their line of safety equipment, specifically their soft body armor which Matt has tested himself. Soft body armor is typically capable of stopping most handgun rounds up to and including the .44 Magnum. As you’ll see in today’s video, just like his dad, Matt is dedicated to proving that his body armor is not only NIJ-certified but capable of stopping bullets in real life through a live demonstration.

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[TriggrCon 2023] Super Small John Wick Shotgun: Genesis 12 Short Barrel

James Reeves covers the Genesis booth at TriggrCon 2023 to show you one of the hottest guns from the show: the short-barreled Genesis 12. Known primarily for being the fire-breathing mag-fed semi-auto shotgun from John Wick 4, the Genesis 12 has found instant popularity and is, in its own right, a solid design in a reliable package. Genesis is now pushing the boundaries of this platform by shrinking it down to a PDW-sized package with a 7-inch barrel. We actually got to try it out at the range at TriggrCon 2023.

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[TriggrCon 2023] A No-Paperwork LEGAL Pistol Stock? The One Shot Stock

TFBTV Show Time coverage is BACK: We’re reporting from TriggrCon 2023 on TFBTV Show Time this week. Remember, that’s a separate channel from the TFBTV Main channel, so don’t forget to subscribe as we’ll be dropping 15-20 videos from TriggrCon 2023 on Show Time this week. We’ll also have a playlist for TriggrCon 2023 videos. To start with, an allegedly perfectly legal buttstock for most handguns – the One Shot. One Shot is a manufacturer of an allegedly legal non-brace stock that works for pistols and is, according to the company reps, in use with special forces units and the United States Secret Service. Sound off about this device in the comments.

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CARACAL Unveils Rifles and Special Edition Pistols at ADIHEX 2023

ADIHEX is an important regional show that each year gathers outdoor and firearm companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Playing on its own turf, CARACAL usually displays its wide catalog and finds the opportunity to reveal new models, such as UAE-inspired Merkel hunting rifles and a special edition 2011 pistol.

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DSEI Japan 2023: JGSDF's New Howa Type 20 Rifle on Display

Japan’s Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) showcased the Japan Ground Self Defense Force’s (JGSDF) latest standard-issue rifle, the Type 20 Howa at the DSEI Japan expo held in Chiba from 15 to 17 March. Overt Defense was able to speak with Howa’s Firearms and Ammunitions Department Deputy General Manager Kazuhiro Kimura, JGSDF light weapons instructor Master Sgt. Kentaro Ota, and with Engineer Yuichi Omote from Asahi-Seki’s Ammunition & Precision Engineering Division about the rifle. Asahi-Seiki is the company responsible for the new 5.56x45mm J3 cartridge which is fired by the rifle.

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[SIG Sauer 2023] SIG Sauer's Next Generation Rifle Has a NEW Name

Ahead of this year’s SHOT Show SIG Sauer held an independent range day at the Clark County Shooting Complex putting on some impressive defense capability demonstration and showcasing their current range of firearms, optics and accessories.

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[SIG Sauer 2023] Hands On With The SIG Sauer P365 Rose

Ahead of this year’s SHOT Show SIG Sauer held an independent range day at the Clark County Shooting Complex. Tucked away at the side of the range was something you don’t often see – a Rose Garden. The Rose Garden pavilion was dedicated to the newest member of the ever growing P365 family – the Rose.

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The Cody Firearms Museum's Arsenals of History Symposium Returns!

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West has announced that their respected Arsenals of History Symposium returns this year following a COVID-19 hiatus. The Symposium was established back in 2017 and features speakers from around the world and focuses on firearms history, museum practice, and ongoing research within the field.

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Inexpensive Italian Bolt Gun with an Accuracy Guarantee: The Franchi Momentum

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves visits the Franchi Booth of EOS (European Outdoor Show) to check out the cookbooks, club music, women – oh yeah – and the guns. Bruno walks James through the Franchi Momentum series of bolt-action rifles, an inexpensive but well-made Italian bolt gun that still carries an MOA-accuracy guarantee.

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The Rare, No-Bullshit Tactical Watch: The Garmin Tactix 7

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at EOS, the European Outdoor Show, at the Garmin booth to talk about the only real, legit tactical watch out there: The Garmin Tactix 7. Some models include a ballistics calculator, night vision modes, and jumpmaster modes.

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Zelensky's Bodyguards Wearing New Beretta 2022 Gear?

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at EOS, the European Outdoor Show. Fabio of Beretta shows James the new Beretta 2022 gear and clothing lineup, including a jacket famously worn by one of Zelensky’s bodyguards. Have you ever wanted to dress like an onion and stuff a pizza in your game bag? Then check out this ep from EOS.

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ULTRALIGHT Beretta Over Under: The "Ultraleggero"

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at the EOS our European Outdoor Show visiting Beretta to see the new Beretta Ultraleggero.

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No-Rust Benelli 828U Over-Under with BE.S.T. Finish

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is visiting the Benelli booth at EOS or the European Outdoor Show to speak with Benelli engineers about the new Benelli 828U featuring the BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) finish, a remarkable new coating that is rustproof and guaranteed for 25 years.

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NEW Beretta BRX-1 Straight Pull Rifle Coming to the U.S.

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves interviews Ricardo, Project Manager and Engineer for Beretta, about the new BRX-1. The BRX-1 is a new straight-pull rifle designed to incredibly high standards in Italy by Beretta. The BRX-1 has been in production in Europe since late 2021, but because demand has far outstripped the production capability of the BRX-1, these guns have not previously been designated for the US. However, Beretta plans to proceed with importing the BRX-1 although it may not happen until 2023.

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[IWA 2022] Krieghoff: The King of Thailand

It is the annual tradition of the Krieghoff company to produce one of their guns as a particularly
artistic masterpiece and to present it to the world as “ Gun of the Year“. “For us, it’s primarily about showing the skills and passion of our craftsmen and also what manual work is able to achieve.” Mr. Krieghoff himself explained the meaning behind this project. “It represents the opportunity to work without the normal limitations that artists usually have. The engraving alone takes months, but the stock and barrel also require great skill.”

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[IWA 2022] Anschtz: Beyond the Gold

As it is known, Anschütz completely scooped gold at the Olympics this year; all gold medals
in biathlon were won with weapons from the company. A performance that caused quite a stir
and led to a closer look at the guns used. Although with a market share of 97%, this result is
more expected than miraculous.

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Wheelgun Wednesday: German Weihrauch Revolvers

When you hear about revolvers from Germany these days, you probably think of high-end,
luxury guns. Carefully crafted marvels of engineering and workmanship. Magnificent showpieces with appropriate price tags. But this was not always the case. A long time ago, when the machine gun register was still open, and you could still order guns in the mail order catalog (on both sides of the pond), things were different. Extremely cheap revolvers were made in Germany, usually from Zamak, and then exported to the USA to make a Saturday night truly special. But those times are long gone. All the cheap German producers have disappeared, …all but one. Hermann Weihrauch Revolver GmbH still produces inexpensive pistols, much like those made in Hermann’s grandfather’s time and shows that inexpensive is not the same as cheap.

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Recap: Enforce Tac and IWA OutdoorClassics 2022

After almost no traveling for about two years, I was really looking forward to this year’s edition of Enforce Tac and IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 in Nürnberg, Germany. Enforce Tac is a two-day trade fair for security agencies, where only law enforcement and military personnel are allowed. It’s here where you’ll find fully automatic firearms and similar “items”. Compared to IWA, it is a much smaller exhibition, and much more specialized.

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[IWA 2022] Umarex's Glock Paintball and Air Pistols

Glocks are very popular, a statement that can earn someone the title of “Captain Obvious”. It is still true, though. So it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the German gunmaker Umarex is giving this pistol its very special attention and opening up the air pistol and paintball gun market. The company was licensed by Glock to make copies of the gun for various non-lethal uses. It started last year with a gas-gun version. Due to the enthusiastic acceptance and the great demand, it was decided to develop further variants. The next two copies, Glock paintball and air pistols, were presented at the IWA.

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[IWA 2022] Brownells: The WWSD Crosses the Pond!

If you have been a long-time reader of TFB, the WWSD (What Would Stoner Do) rifle should be familiar to you. In short, it is a project of the two YouTube channels Forgotten Weapons and InRange, in which they tried to follow Eugene Stoner’s original vision for the AR-15 but using modern materials. The result was such a good rifle that Brownells stepped forward and added it to their product catalog. It has been available in the US for a while, and at the end of this week, Europe will follow suit.

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Enforce Tac 2022: A Match Made Under The Sun: HK SFP9 OR Line and Holosun

A particularly innovative product at the Shot Show this year was the Holosun SCS, a solar-charging
system for its red dot sights. With its ability to use sunlight to power the device and charge its battery, it
has the potential to be a perpetually powered optic. No worrying about battery charge or additional
power sources, doesn’t this sound good? If your answer is yes, then you have a kindred spirit in Heckler
& Koch. The gunsmiths from Oberndorf picked it as the tailor fit sights for their latest model in the SFP9 OR range, which was presented at Enforcer Tac.

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Wheelgun Wednesday: Janz Revolvers – When 'Bespoke' and 'Modular' Come Together

What would you do if a business partner suddenly went bankrupt, and you were left with a large pile of bills. The correct answer is, of course: Fine, then I’ll do it myself! And that’s how Janz Präzisionstechnik came to its weapons division.

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[Enforce Tac 2022]: HK433 – Modularity for Fans and Newcomers

Critics like to accuse Heckler & Koch of deliberately designing their systems to be closed in order to
prevent the use of accessories made by other companies, at the same time turning a deaf ear to
complaints. With the HK433, both claims can be refuted. The HK433 is H&K’s latest rifle design and one we have only seen on a handful of occasions since it was first announced in .

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Enforce Tac 2022: Beretta: 921mm, Goodbye or Good Riddance?

One of the better pieces of news for Italian shooters last year was the release of 9mm Luger for sale to civilians. Until then, civilian gun owners had to be content with the commercial 9×21 mm caliber instead.
The changed situation naturally raised the question whether this would have a major impact on
shooters and firearms manufacturers in Italy.

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[SHOT 2022] New Double Barreled Airbow from Umarex – The Umarex Airsaber Elite X2

New for this year from Umarex is the Airsaber Elite X2, a 450fps airbow that generates 130 ft-lbs of energy.  Accurate out past 100 yards, this airbow has serious power on tap.  The most unique feature, however, is that this airbow is double barreled, allowing one to rapidly fire two arrows downrange rapidly, one right into the other if you aim well enough.

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[SHOT 2022] MDT's New Rifle Chassis and Comp Brake

Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) introduced three new rifle chassis at SHOT this year. Each is purpose-built and top of the line.

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[SHOT 2022] CAA Releases AGADA PCC and Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit

CAA has been showing off their new 9mm PCC, the AGADA, as well as their new Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit (MCK).

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[SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson's new M&P Volunteer

Smith and Wesson’s famous M&P series of AR-15s has a new addition to the lineup. The brand new M&P Volunteer.

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[SHOT 2022] Leupold Shows off Patrol 6HD

The Leupold Patrol 6HD will feature Leupold’s professional-grade glass, a Guard-Ion lens coating to shed dirt and water, motion-sensor technology to save battery life, an electronic reticle level, and more of Leupold’s signature scope features.

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[SHOT 2022] Zeiss Precision LRP S5 Scopes

This year at SHOT Show Zeiss is showing off their brand new LRP S5 rifle scopes. These high-performance rifle scopes are aimed at the hunting and long-range precision shooting markets.

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