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X4 System [SHOT 2022] Mantis Blackbeard AR Dry Fire Trainer TFB Review: First Spear Contractor Bag Meopta MeoPro HD Plus Binoculars Smith Tactics SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER AR-15 Charging Handle (1) RG Muzzle Flash Simulator: In Search of a Shorter Reactionary Gap XS Sights AR Armorer's Block

XS Sights’ NEW AR Armorer’s Block – One Block For AR-15/10, Uppers & Lowers

XS Sights took a break from their namesake to bring a new tool to assist shooters that like to work on their AR-15 and AR-308 pattern rifles and pistols. XS Sights’ new AR Armorer’s Block is designed to work with both upper and lower receivers, compared to [Read More…]

HK433 and G27P SBR New PLx Rifle Scope Mounts from Primary Arms Optics Rampage Alpha

The NEW P320 FCU Rampage Alpha Designed By Strike Industries

Strike Industries has partnered with a few different companies to bring owners of a SIG Sauer P320 Fire Control Unit a new modular chassis system. Strike worked with MetaForce and airsoft superpower to design and develop the Rampage Alpha, a chassis system to [Read More…]

Freshly Updated Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder Live Now! FAST COG

Guns And Gear To Buy Now Rather Than Later

During every gun rush, it always goes through my head the amount of things I should have bought while I could have gotten them. There’s a number of things that are trickling back into stock so it’s never a bad idea to stock up on things you need before [Read More…]

LDR Fatty Rifle Cable Management System Sleeve Core Cummerbund AR Lower Receiver Block Viridian Green E Series Laser Sight for Springfield Armory Hellcat TFB Review: RMT NOMAD Pivoting Trigger TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger 5th Day of TFB Christmas: Deck the Halls with Barrels of Chromoly! JellyFish Cover Walker Defense Releases NILE Silicon Carbide M-Lok Rail Panels

Walker Defense Releases NILE Silicon Carbide M-Lok Rail Panels

Accessory rails are more common than ever on modern sporting arms. While these rails offer many advantages, (including the mounting of foregrips, lights, and laser aiming modules) there are also a few drawbacks. Aluminum rails can heat up quickly and they don’t always [Read More…]

Concealed Carry Corner: Carry Gun Accessories Guide Part 2

In last week’s article, I talked about a number of accessories for carrying a concealed firearm – aftermarket sights, slide cuts and adding red dots to your handgun. If you haven’t checked out the first part of this guide, feel free to check it out by [Read More…]