Magpul – New DAKA Bins and Gear Straps for DAKA GRID

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by Eric B

Magpul has released new DAKA Bins and Gear Straps for DAKA GRID. The DAKA Bins are compatible with Magpul’s Hard Cases, or any case with a Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer, and are designed to securely store loose parts, gear, and ammo. Crafted from durable polymer with 0.1ʺ thick walls for protection, they come in Black, FDE, and Red for easy loadout identification. Transparent lids aid in content visibility, and reinforced snap tabs ensure secure closure. The lids have the classic Magpul paint-pen dot matrix for identification. The DAKA Gear Straps can be used to secure firearms or gear even during rough handling.

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Find all the details, with pricing at the bottom, in this product announcement:

Magpul Announces DAKA Bins and Gear Straps for DAKA GRID

Magpul changed the game when it comes to how hard cases are organized to protect and secure firearms, accessories, gear and other equipment with the introduction of its DAKA GRID system. Continuing to build on the GRID’s adaptability and customizability, Magpul released its new DAKA Gear Straps and DAKA Bins ( 2X2 and 4X2 sets) adding other implements to further enhance the GRID’s utility.

Securely tie down any loose items by feeding a DAKA Gear Strap through a DAKA GRID Panel. The foot-long strap’s hook-and-loop ends can immobilize a variety firearms or gear through the roughest handling. Its .75-inch width maximizes the Straps’ surface area for a strong connection and snug fit that won’t loosen over time, while still fitting through a DAKA GRID Panel. A red tab on the end of each strap visually acts as a pull tab to easily identify the end of each strap to release items fast and effectively.

Made from sturdy polymer for rugged use, DAKA Bins have 0.1? thick walls to protect whatever is placed inside. Bins are available in Black, FDE, and Red, so the colors can be used as a quick reference for the Bins’ cont.?DAKA Bins also utilize included transparent lids for easy contents identification, and the reinforced lid snap tabs lock securely with the Bin sides to keep them securely closed. For further organization, paint-pen dot matrix panels on the lids give users additional identification capability. Bins can be placed in the GRID system, and can stack to function outside of a case with the GRID.

The MSRP is as follows: DAKA Gear Straps: $14.95 (4 Pack), DAKA Bins: $17.95 (2 2×2 Bins), $29.95 (1 2×4 Bin, 2 2×2 Bins).

Eric B
Eric B

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