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Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.

Saber Junction 2021 Photo Of The Day with a loud bang as U.S. Army Paratroopers assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, fire a M3 Carl Gustav rocket launcher. POTD: Norwegian Special Operations Commando in Afghanistan (2005) HK416N Zeiss V8 New Generation 2021 Sightmark Wraith 4k Mini POTD: The FN SCAR-H PR Has Arrived In France Kahles Helia Ti 35 Thermal imaging products SPY m45a1 HK417P Sniper Austria POTD: German Sniper with Remington Mk 21 Precision Sniper Rifle POTD: French Foreign Legion: 3e Régiment étranger d'infanterie Umarex Airguns Glock 17 Gen5 T4E paintball H&K G36 Beta C-Mag jp rifles damascus blade FN Smart Protector 306 FN Smart ProtectoR Guyana - Machine Guns in the Canoe PSG90B with Army Ranger Batallion K4 Mali SIG Sauer Spectre Series Bianchi Heckler & Koch MSG90A1 Exercise Archipelago Endeavor Heckler & Koch HK416D in 6.8mmx43 Welsh Guards Armoury Upgrade - Heckler & Koch SA80 A3 G95 KSK U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan (2014)