POTD: German Special Police (SEK) With SIG Sauer MCX

Eric B
by Eric B

Welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Each day, we feature a stunning photograph that captures the beauty and diversity of our world. Photos like these are quite rare, as they show German Special Police (SEK Berlin) with what looks like a SIG Sauer MCX, and potentially with a lightweight barrel and the KeyMod handguard – correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. The Spezialeinsatzkommando from Berlin likes to avoid the media and photographers.

Here is machine translated caption from the event:

Fitness, concentration, precision – these are qualities that snipers and spotters must have. And these are exactly what are currently being tested at the sniper competition of the 31st Paratrooper Regiment from Seedorf. There are not only soldiers from the Bundeswehr, such as paratroopers with extended basic qualifications, or EGB for short, from Seedorf and from the 26 Paratrooper Regiment from Zweibrücken. Snipers from Poland and Denmark as well as the SEK Berlin and Hamburg also take part.

These 3D robots are quite cool. I’d love to have a go at these.

As a bonus, here’s a pretty cool video from the event.

Source: Photos: Bundeswehr / Jörg Hüttenhölscher.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • USMC Grunt2 USMC Grunt2 on Apr 25, 2024

    I'm more impressed with the moving target

  • KsKLR KsKLR on Apr 25, 2024

    So the rifle in the chassis that’s shown on the very beginning of the video, with the bolt handle bent way back.
    That kind of rifle is it? It almost looks like an older Sako or something.