POTD: SIG Sauer P322 .22LR – A-Tec Wave Carbon Suppressor

Eric B
by Eric B
POTD: SIG Sauer P322 .22LR – A-Tec Wave Carbon Suppressor

You’re watching and reading TFB’s Photo Of The Day, and we’re guessing you clicked on this article to get some more details? Well, here we go. The pistol is a SIG Sauer P322 chambered in .22LR. It’s a pistol which, in my experience, is not so well known. I was about to get a Glock 44 .22LR, and had literally made up my mind when I was lucky to discover the SIG. This is my first SIG handgun, a fun little plinker that doesn’t make a lot of sounds when configured like this. It holds 20+1 rounds, and the slide takes a red dot.

I do have some reliability issues, but I haven’t spent a lot of time debugging it. Why? Because I mainly think it’s because I’ve been busy shooting it, and still haven’t cleaned it – so I can’t really blame the gun. It may also be because the feeding from the magazine, but more likely it’s time to give the gun some love.

The suppressor is made in Norway by A-Tec. It’s called “Wave Carbon” and it’s very simple and light, yet effective. It’s available in the following threadings, 1/2”-20 UNF and 1/2”-28 UNEF. You can find a direct link here for more information: https:// www.a-tec.no/silencers/rimfire/a-tec-wave-carbon

The red dot is a Leupold DeltaPoint and the Streamlight is a TLR-8 with a red laser, just mounted so it needs to get one slot closer to the trigger guard. Other than that, the Streamlight seems to work really well.

The “Come and take it” shots glass was bought on location, in Alamo, San Antonio.
Eric B
Eric B

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  • Magma Magma on Apr 11, 2024

    There's no reason a .22 can should cost more than 20 bucks - which is how much solvent traps used to cost on AliExpress before they all mysteriously disappeared from there last year.

  • Abel_Archer83 Abel_Archer83 on Apr 17, 2024

    That picture is giving me some Mk23 vibes.