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SA80 A2 / L85A2 with ELCAN SpecterOS SWESOCOM - Swedish Special Forces with U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Operators CZ 2075 RAMI barrett mrad norway French FR-F2 Sniper Rifle UZI Evolution Zeiss LRP reticle. Anti-Aircraft - Swiss Star Wars SA80 Full Auto SA80 A2 at eFP Battle Group Estonia Smith & Wesson 2A Limited Edition Orange HK416F Slovenian Armed Forces with the FN F2000 S The Heckler & Koch HK433 POTD The 9x19mm CZ Vz. 68 (ZB 68) or Skorpion Evo 2 SMG (1) VCD10 Verney-Carron Defense Australian X3F1 Submachine Gun Blanks in the G36 CR223 by C.G. Haenel. The TopShot Competition Shooting Team Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Elements - 352d Special Operations Wing ECOAims Laser Biathlon Rifle POTD: Best Sniper Winter Competition 2022 (Switzerland) M110A1 SDMR Colt C7A2 royal marines commandoes Howa Type 89s in Samurai Readiness Inspection in Japan SA-35 Springfield Hi-Power POTD: Security Forces Squadron Training POTD: Arming The Space Force - HERA Arms