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POTD: Disassembled HK416 from The Norwegian Armed Forces USASOC accolade 2 lrf pro pulsar POTD: AI AXSR Covert 308 with Teledyne FLIR MilSight S140-D POTD: EAA Witness Elite Gold Custom POTD: Romanian, Ukrainian and U.S. Army Green Berets in Trojan Footprint 21 CQB POTD: Russian Marines in an Amphibious Landing Operation ravlunda trail thermion pulsar POTD: Green Berets in Stuttgart POTD: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course Challenge Hk437 Model 686 Danish International Sniper Competition Japan green berets M2 .50 caliber machine gun G22A2 sl40 DEFEA POTD: The Barrett M107A1 in New Zealand POTD: German GunWorks Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 "Keiler" POTD: Polish MSBS Grot & PM-84 Glauberyt Danube River in Budapest water survival LMT MARS-L Paratroopers Minimi hk416a7