POTD: Ohio Ordnance Works – The OOW240P (Patrol)

Eric B
by Eric B
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Photo Of The Day and we have more belt-fed madness from Ohio Ordnance Works. This is one of their entries into the General Purpose Machine Gun game. The model is a lightweight OOW240P model, where “P” stands for Patrol. I think it’s a great photo!

According to Ohio Ordnance Works, the OOW240P is a belt-fed, air-cooled, crew-served machine gun system capable of sustained and accurate suppressive fire while using a shorter and lighter barrel, M4 style collapsible stock, and removable lightweight bipod which can be replaced with a foregrip due to the new bottom Picatinny rail. Note that the barrel comes with dimpling, which reduces weight while increasing heat dissipation, plus it looks very Spec Ops.

It also features a Select Fire Trigger Assembly, which allows the operator to switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of fire. The gun is gas-operated, and it fires from an open bolt.

The bipod is from Long Range Accuracy (LRA).

Images by Ohio Ordnance Works.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Brettbaker Brettbaker on Mar 23, 2024

    Makes me proud to be an Ohioan!

  • Uri Predrag Uri Predrag on Mar 23, 2024

    A very interesting machine gun.

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    • IOJ IOJ on Mar 27, 2024

      @Uniform223 The M60E6 isn't parts compatible with the standard GPMG though.