POTD: British Sniper in Urban Ghillie Suit + Thermal

Eric B
by Eric B
British Sniper in Urban Ghillie Suit

Photo Of The Day and we go for another of the U.K. Ministry Of Defense’s Best of Defence Imagery 2023. It’s difficult to see, but I presume this British sniper is working behind the L115A3 sniper rifle. Do you see the thermal front attachment he’s using? Makes sense considering the time of the day.

A sniper from the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, is seen here in an urban ghillie suit.

In May, a company of soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment will be embedded into the 1 Royal Irish battlegroup during exercise WESSEX STORM on Salisbury Plain Training Area.

The aim will be to the test new capabilities and recently developed tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) developed by 2 YORKS as the Army’s Future Soldier, Next Generation Combat Team, against an opposition force from 3 PARA.

During this exercise, the future combat workforce structure will be tested. 2 YORKS, through DSTL has developed a new concept, called the Phalanx Company.

This is two large platoons of 38, a Manoeuvre Support Group of 38 and a CSS Group of between 12-24 soldiers. All the groupings have been enhanced with Uncrewed Aerial Systems, Uncrewed Ground Systems, and sensors.

The Platoons will have the latest generation night capability and sighting systems and they will be using the latest communication systems to enable the Enhance Dismounted Situational Awareness System aimed at improving Command and Control at Company level.

Source: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023

Eric B
Eric B

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  • The Wandering Sniper The Wandering Sniper on Mar 26, 2024

    Look carefully, it's not a regular Ghillie either. That's a thermal suit from Phantom Defense. Still not sure why that's an "urban" color pattern, but at least their thermal signature is muted.

  • Tim Tom Zalabim Tim Tom Zalabim on Mar 28, 2024

    Likely aiming that gun at somebody who shared a mean meme online.