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Accuracy International AX-SR Rifle for Australia's Snipers Snipers of the Royal Danish Army POTD: French Marine Commando Snipers with Accuracy International POTD: German Snipers with G22A2 Sniper Rifle POTD: Accuracy International in Ejército de Tierra POTD: Danish 2nd Brigade Sniper Competition POTD: AI AXSR Covert 308 with Teledyne FLIR MilSight S140-D Danish International Sniper Competition Creedmoor Accuracy International AT-X AI AX us sniper spuhr mount Photo Credit: Eurooptic Royal marine sniper AI AW Spuhr collection AX50 ELR

Accuracy International Sniper Rifle

Today we review the Accuracy International AT sniper rifle.  Historically significant and arguably one of the best long range, bolt action weapons on the planet!  Learn about the design features, adaptability, and repeatability of this unique precision rifle. ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» [Read More…]

6.5 Creedmoor and Aussie Precision: Lithgow Introduces LA105 Woomera Long Range Rifle

Australian rifle company Lithgow Arms has introduced a new rifle for the precision rifle shooting (PRS) market. Called the LA-105 Woomera (after an Australian aboriginal type of general purpose atlatl or spear thrower), it is based on the Lithgow Arms LA102 centerfire [Read More…]