POTD: Special Forces of the Czech Republic with Andres Industries Thermals

Eric B
by Eric B
Andres Industries Thermals

Andres Industries is a medium-sized German company based in Berlin with a lot of interesting products for thermal imaging. Many NATO member states are now modernizing their night combat capabilities, and that goes for the Czech Armed Forces as well. Above you can see one of their upgraded FN-Minimis.

The TILO thermal can be seen in combination with a special assembly for the ELCAN Specter 1-4x DR, used in the FN MINIMI 5.56 versions. The TigIR thermal is used on the more powerful versions in caliber 7.62 x 51 NATO. Sniper rifles and other firearms may also get thermal capabilities.

In total, the Special Forces of the Czech Republic will receive over 1,000 TigIR and TILO thermal imaging devices manufactured in Berlin.

The TILO is claimed to be the smallest and lightest thermal imaging goggles in the world, and can be used as a monocular system on a helmet, as an observation unit in your pocket or as an attachment. There are different variants, for both civil and government usage.

Source: Andres Industries

Eric B
Eric B

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