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Rundown: Canadian Small Arms & Light Weapons Transferred to Ukraine POTD: Slovenian Police with HK416A5, G28 and FN F2000S FN Minimi Norway M249 Light Machine Gun Norwegian FN Minimi in Bamako Royal Norwegian Air Force 339 Squadron Russian-Pakistani Friendship French FN Minimi on Full-Auto Guyana - Machine Guns in the Canoe Norwegian Engineering Team Minimi FR-F2 Sniper Rifle in New Caledonia NATO FN Herstal FN SCAR POTD: French Foreign Legion at Sea with HK416F and FN Minimi Waiouru Military Training FN Minimi


There are not enough pictures of the NAVY SEALs here at TFB, but today we try to improve with some astonishing pictures of the SEALs in an unusual environment. In case you didn’t know, the abbreviation stands for SEa, Air and Land. Some of these pictures give the [Read More…]


Catching the muzzle flash from a Machine Gun is always a welcome bonus as a photographer, and for today’s pictures, we have a few. The pictures are from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia (eFP). The eFP Battlegroup in Latvia describe themselves [Read More…]