POTD: The LRI 6.5 Creedmoor

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day: Do you own any custom rifles, or would you rather get a mass-produced commodity? Today we have a photo by Holt Works Photography of a rifle made by LRI Custom Rifles. The stock is made by McMillan and the optics is a Vortex Optics Razor HD 4.5-27×56. Here are the specs of this LRI 6.5 Creedmoor build:

Work done by LRI:
Completely reworked @remington1816 700 SPS action
-Receiver tier 1 accurized
-Time/tig weld bolt handle
-Scope base holes enlarged/aligned to 8-40
-Receiver drilled for pinned recoil lug
-LRI heavy M700 recoil lug
-LRI side bolt release
-Machined bolt for M16 style extractor
-Dual plunger ejector
-Firing pin bushing, turned down firing pin, trued bolt face
-Threaded bolt knob insert with LRI Tactical bolt knob
-Bolt fluted in helical pattern
-Bolt shroud lightened with facet cuts
-K&P custom 6.5mm 1:8 stainless match barrel blank chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, finished to 18”, LRI Remington Varmint contour, threaded and 11* Target crown
-LRI timed thread protector (not shown)
-Barrel fluted in helical pattern


@mcmillan_stocks U-1 stock with Arca rail
Vortex Optics Razor HD 4.5-27×56
@hawkins_precision lightweight scope rings and M5 DBM
@talley_rings 20 MOA scope rail
@trigger.tech Diamond Pro Curve trigger
@btindllc Atlas PSR bipod on an @area419official arca mount
@rearden_mfg PRS muzzle brake

Vortex Optics Radian Carbon tripod with leveling head
@cole.tac multicam tripod leggings

What do you think of the build? What would you have done differently and why?

Photo and captions by Holt Works Photography. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram as Holt Works 2.0. Picture used with permission.

Eric B
Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6x6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.

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  • Azntactical Azntactical on Apr 02, 2024

    I love my shorty creeds and .308's but for under 300yd work my 16.5" .308 has way more energy than my 18" 6.5 creed.

    • Ninoslav Trifunovic Ninoslav Trifunovic on Apr 02, 2024

      @azntactical It's not all in the energy, there's something in the shot placement too. There's a plenty roebucks killed by ordinary 22 lr. And Swedes are still killing everything that moves on four legs with their 6.5x55 which is ballistically more or less same as creed.

  • Predrag djuric Predrag djuric on Apr 03, 2024

    An interesting rifle.