POTD: B&T APC9 SBR With Spuhr RDF Aimpoint Mount

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day and today we’re taking a look at the brand new Spuhr RDF-20225K Aimpoint T-2 Magnifier Mount in action. A little over a year ago, I reviewed the Aimpoint Duty RDS with 3X-C Magnifier – 39mm FlipMount & TwistMount base. The Spuhr mount is a little different, and offers a one-piece solution to mount a laser (or what other devices you may think of) and a magnifier around an Aimpoint Micro H2 or T2.

Spuhr RDF-20225K Aimpoint T-2 Magnifier Mount

Below: Shooting with the B&T APC9 SBR, using the Aimpoint Micro H-2 and 3X Mag and D-BAL Laser. Unfortunately I forgot the A-Tec suppressor, so there’s an excuse to go back to the range for more.

By the push of the button it’s possible to remove the magnifier, and just keep the main red dot. If you want to run the mount without the front Picatinny rail, that’s also possible.

This mount created quite a stir at SHOT SHOW and IWA in Germany.

Here’s a direct link to the product: RDF-20225K Aimpoint T-2 Magnifier Mount H57mm/2.25″ PIC. Since it’s brand new it’s in production, so there may be a while before they’re actually shipping. Beware that this mount will NOT fit all Aimpoint red dots, so check the facts with your dealer before you order. So far I’m very happy with it, it’s very solid, ergonomic and easy to use.

The price is €380.50 + VAT, and in the US it’s sold by Mile High Shooting.
What do you think? This mount is under review, so let us know what you think and what you would like us to try?
Eric B
Eric B

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