New CZ BREN 2 Ms – NATO Limited Edition

Eric B
by Eric B
CZ BREN 2 Ms – NATO Limited Edition

Twenty-five years ago the Czech Republic joined NATO, marking a significant milestone in its national journey. To celebrate this historic occasion, CZ has unveiled an exclusive, limited edition version of the CZ BREN 2 Ms semi-automatic rifle. This special model shares the exceptional design of the CZ BREN 2 select-fire rifle, well-known from the Czech Army’s arsenal.


The limited version is truly limited, with only 25 pieces being made. Apart from the 11″ .223 Rem carbine itself, painted in a special pattern in FDE and OD Green, you will also get an Aimpoint T2 red dot sight with magnifier, in a SPUHR RDF 20225K mount.

Below: The only images that exist of the CZ BREN 2 Ms NATO Limited Edition so far seem to be computer generated. Note the NATO and CZ flags, as well as the new RDF mount from Spuhr.

Beyond its homeland, CZ BREN 2 rifles are used by several NATO nations, including Hungary, Poland, Portugal, and Romania. Since 2017, the renowned French special unit GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) also uses it. The Ukrainian Defense Industry has also signed a license agreement with ČZ to produce the Bren 2.

Here is the Press Release in full:

Exactly 75 years ago, on 4 April 1949, the world famous North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. NATO currently consists of 32 countries, 30 of which are in Europe and 2 in North America. The basic mission of this organization is to protect the freedom and security of all members by political and military means, in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter. The aim is to create just and lasting peace in Europe, based on the shared values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

The Czech Republic became a member of NATO 25 years ago – on 12 March 1999. CZ has decided to commemorate this milestone in the development of its homeland with an exclusive, limited edition of the CZ BREN 2 Ms semi-automatic rifle. This model that has the same design as the CZ BREN 2 select-fire rifle, which is in the armament of the Czech Army. The service version of this rifle has served, and continues to serve, in international missions of the NATO alliance.

Apart from the Czech Republic, CZ BREN 2 rifles can be found in the armaments of NATO countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Romania. Since 2017, rifles in this series have been utilized by the French special unit GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale). They are also popular in countries outside of NATO. Furthermore, these rifles have proven their worth in the defense of Ukraine, where preparations for their assembly are currently underway.

This jubilee edition of the CZ BREN 2 Ms rifle, chambered in 223 Rem. and coming with an 11″ barrel, will consist of only 25 units with a unique series of specially reserved serial numbers. Each rifle will commemorate one specific year of the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO. Each firearm will also commemorate one international mission carried out by the Czech Army. Inscribed on each unit of this limited edition rifle will be “Commemorating 25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO”, along with the Czech flag and NATO flag. These unique firearms will be equipped with duralumin controls, an enlarged charging handle, extended forend and a G.I.S. linear compensator. All units will feature a special FDE and OD Green color combination.

All CZ BREN 2 Ms rifles commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s accession to NATO will be supplied with a wide range of accessories that include a SPUHR RDF 20225K mount with Aimpoint T2 red dot sight and Aimpoint magnification module in a Nanuk hard case.

We will keep you updated on availability and how to purchase. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to charity.

Here are a few more images of the limited edition rifle.

With only 25 pieces being made, the chances of ever owning one are very slim. What do you think about it?

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Uniform223 Uniform223 on Apr 06, 2024

    *sarcasm on*

    This represents the US's aggressive expansion of NATO towards Russian territories. If it wasn't for NATO's aggressive expansion and goal to suffocate Russia militarly, politically, and economically than Russia wouldn't have been forced to go in Ukraine to protect its borders as well as ethnic Russians. Russia has the right to defend its borders and ethnic Russians no matter where! *sarcasm off*

    ... is what dumb little Russian trolls would say.

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    • Tim Tom Zalabim Tim Tom Zalabim on Apr 10, 2024

      @Uniform223 How's it a joke, exactly? Looks more like an attempt to poison the well.

  • Suppressed Suppressed on Apr 06, 2024

    If you buy one of these just know that CZ thinks anything under 4 MOA is acceptable and CZ doesn’t think the Bren2 platform should be used for shooting at anything 200 yards out or beyond, as that is considered long range and not what the gun is designed for.

    My x39 shoots 5-12 MOA with most ammo and CZ’s Customer Service Supervisor has used his psychic powers to decide that I shouldn’t bother sending it in because they have seen through the ether and concluded that it will pass their tests. It’s a shame that he didn’t use those same psychic powers, or his powers of reading comprehension, to know that all my accuracy testing was done at 50 yards and the only reason 200 yards was even mentioned is that I was explaining that 5-12 MOA is roughly 10 inches to 2 feet off-target at 200 yards, which is more than enough to miss a man-sized target regardless of how good of a shot one may be.

    Additionally, once I learned that they’re not willing to stand behind their products, I tried to get them to just sell me an 11” x39 barrel so I could hopefully just fix their mistakes myself. After all, it’s better to be out a couple/few hundred dollars for another barrel than to be out a couple grand for a shotgun that only shoots 1 7.62x39 projectile for each round, but they said they couldn’t sell me one because “all our Bren2 production is going to Ukraine”. So they won’t fix my rifle and they won’t allow me to fix it either.


    To all the CZ jockriders who will tell me “i CaN rInG sTeEl At 200 YaRdS aLl DaY wItH mY bReN2!”, that’s a cool story brother, but it doesn’t fix my rifle and that is the only damn thing that I want. I also don’t care if 4 MOA is acceptable for a service rifle, it’s not acceptable for a gun with a price tag of almost $2k that wasn’t issued to you for free. Additionally, just because you spent a lot of money (relatively speaking) on a gun, it doesn’t mean that you have to make it part of your personal identity and ego. When you do that, you end up simping for an undeserving company because you view anybody speaking of the rifle with anything but glorious praise as somehow personally attacking you.

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    • Ben Ben on Apr 12, 2024

      @Suppressed I wouldn't completely rule out torque just yet. when reinstalling my barrel after chopping it, i torqued my hand guard down to HBI spec, which was 31in/lbs i believe. I thought my 16” carbine had an HBi handguard. I later found out that was incorrect. CZ spec is around 80in/lbs. Anyways, i had terrible groups with everything but 77gr OTMs, which grouped quite nice. After tightening things up i brought all kinds of ammo to the range and everything was shooting good.

      Theres a ton of threads on reddit about accuracy going to hell after installing HBI handguards, and it all seems to stem from not being able to torque the screws down enough without binding the bolt. I’ve read that using the CZ inserts that go into the channels allows the proper torque.

      Sorry if you know this already, but i hope it helps a little. I was just about to sell my bren because the accuracy was so bad, and it ended up being such an easy fix.