Magnetic Fields – The Magpul DAKA Magnetic Field Tray

    Four corners that snap together and bring organization to disorganized places, that’s essentially the new DAKA Field Tray from Magpul explained. Once you’ve snapped the four corners together, you’ve created a walled, contained workspace that will keep your items in one enclosed area. There’s a strong magnet located under the Magpul icon that retains small metallic items such as springs, bolts, pins and screws. 

    Here’s the press release published by Magpul:

    If you’re anything like us, then you’re always looking for ways to improve your workspace, even when that workspace is the back of a pickup truck instead of your shop at home. There’s nothing more frustrating than having parts roll away or drop out of sight while you’re trying to get things done. That’s why we created our Magpul® DAKA® Field Tray.

    Our Field Tray has four corners that snap together, creating a walled container that keeps everything where you need it. When working on firearms and other mechanical gear, it’s important to keep all your small parts in one spot, so we included a magnetic Magpul logo to make sure nothing goes missing.  When you’re done with the job, just unsnap the buttons and the Field Tray lays flat, ready for easy storage.

    Because they’re crafted from our famous DAKA material, they’re extremely durable, handling hard use and shedding dirt, oil, and debris. Our Field Trays are the simple solution to getting organized in the field, at home, and everywhere in between. Get them now at

    Here’s a video to show the function:

    The DAKA Field Tray is available in 2 sizes. The two options include:

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