TFB Review: LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants- 15 Pockets!

Doug E
by Doug E
LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants Review

LA Police Gear’s lineup has been dedicated to supplying the needs of the citizenry just as much as that of the police (as the name implies). To this end, they’ve created their own line of shirts, footwear, armor, and pants. The pants we’re reviewing today are the LAPG Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants, which sport a total of 15 pockets for hunting, hiking, firearms training, or defending your patch of the homeland. Let’s dig into this fiesta de quinze pockets.

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For the record, this is a sponsored review, and the last of five items they requested I review for LA Police Gear. I was not paid by LAPG, nor did they give me talking points or suggest that I say certain things. I’m quite certain that I get to keep the Battle Rattle Stretch Pants following the review since I didn’t baby them.

LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants Review


As you’ve already gathered from the title and opening paragraph, the Battle Rattle Stretch pants are quite versatile due to their 15 pockets, as well as the ripstop material, double stitched seams, and reinforced knees and wear points. The waist’s stretch design is also meant to keep the wearer comfortable during extreme movements. The reinforced knees also have an opening to insert knee pads.

LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants Review

The Battle Rattle Stretch Tac pants come in a variety of colors; black, charcoal, coyote, khaki, navy blue, OD green, and ranger green. LAPG sent me a black pair, which is a bit harder to photograph, but I’ve made sure the features are clear. The Battle Rattle pants are made for waists from 30 to 44 inches, and inseam sizes from 30-36 inches, in even sizes only for both measurements.

As for the pockets, the following image highlights the overt pockets in red, and the hidden pockets in yellow. LA Police Gear was actually pretty modest and only bills the Battle Rattle pants with 12 pockets, but I’m counting 15. The two front standard pockets are angled with a horizontal bezel at the bottom to better fit pocket knives or clipped flashlights. I like that feature on tactical pants since it doesn’t feel like the knife clip has to bunch up on the material. It also allows the user to get into the primary pockets while wearing a duty belt.

15 pocket tactical pants

The LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch pants have four slip pockets; two large ones at the front, and two smaller ones aft. The smaller slip pouches are advertised as accommodating knives or flashlights, but the front larger ones could fit larger objects such as micro-compact pistol magazines, rubber gloves, or whatever else you want.

The two side cargo pockets are well sized and both feature a hidden center pocket inside. The center pocket is sized just right for a phone or an AR15 magazine. 20 round magazines fit inside and are completely concealed. 30 rounders fit and the cargo flap will still close, albeit a bit snugly. The center of the cargo flaps is left open for easy access to the cargo pockets, and since the hidden pockets are also centered, one could quickly stow a large flashlight without having to open the cargo flap. The hole in the center of the cargo flap isn’t large enough to let an AR mag poke through though.


  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Rip-Stop Fabric
  • Fabric Weight: 8.1 oz
  • Athletic Fit – more modern, less baggy
  • Classic tac-stud button waist with brass locking YKK zipper
  • 12 pocket design (see above for details)
  • Tuxedo-style elastic waistband
  • Interior knee pad pockets
  • An excellent option for duty, tactical, or CCW
  • High end stitching with bar tacks in key areas
  • Gusseted crotch
  • 7 total belt loops that fit up to a 2 1/4″ belt


I primarily used the LAPG Battle Rattle pants at the range and for hiking in, as well as a few airsoft excursions with my kids. They remained comfortable, extremely practical, and durable. All good traits for pants to have for such activities. I wasn’t able to wear this model for my department since we wear navy blue, but for the times that I drove my personal vehicles, they were still comfortable. It’s always nice to have a practical pair of pants that you don’t mind getting dirty while shooting prone, or getting scuffed up a bit trekking through brush. Thus, I didn’t worry about the Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical pants while shooting and hiking in all types of weather. The ripstop construction also gave me confidence in the durability.

Even though the centered internal cargo pocket is well thought out with the cargo flap opening, I’ve also come to love having two internal pockets. It makes carrying AR magazines and phones a bit less complicated. However, I’m extremely glad that there was at least one internal pocket though, since keeping my phone more secure and vertical was much more comfortable than not having an internal pocket. During my review of the Urban Ops pants, I kept having to readjust my phone since that model doesn’t have an internal pocket.

The Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical pants also share the unique hip pockets concept with the LA Police Gear Terrain Flex jeans and pants. I really like this feature! The hip pockets are just under the belt line, so magazines and phones (or whatever else you decide to put in them) melt away under an untucked shirt. Not to mention that they are quite practical. These pockets also haven’t interfered with my concealed carry at my 4 o’clock position at all.

The stretchy elastic band around the waistline seemed comfortable and less restrictive than pants without the stretch feature. Between the stretch waist and the construction of the knees, I had a full range of motion with my lower extremities for running, sprinting, kneeling, and everything in between. I didn’t spring for the knee inserts, but I like the feature that lets you add them on the inside of the knees.


The Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants from LA Police Gear are a great example of something made by hard-use people for like-minded people. Whether it’s for police or security work, hunting, hiking, or just training at the range, the Battle Rattle tactical pants were clearly made with intentionality for well-rounded usage. I used the rear sap pockets the least, but they were there if needed, and duty-sized pistol mags fit them well.

Don’t let the “police” in LA Police Gear’s name shy you away if you liked what you’ve seen here but you’re not in law enforcement. LAPG is just as dedicated to the rest of the citizenry, as exhibited by their body armor sales. The Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants are normally listed at $74.99, which you can view HERE, and also keep an eye out for them to be on sale as well. Or, you can check out LAPG’s whole lineup at

What do you think about the LA Police Gear Battle Rattle Stretch Tactical Pants? How would you use all 15 pockets? If you’ve already been wearing your own LAPG Battle Rattle pants, how has your experience been?

Doug E
Doug E

Doug has been a firearms enthusiast since age 16 after getting to shoot with a friend. Since then he's taken many others out to the range for their first time. He is a husband, father, grandfather, police officer, outdoorsman, artist and a student of history. Doug has been a TFB reader from the start and is happy to be a contributor of content. Doug can be reached at battleshipgrey61 AT, or battleshipgrey61 on Instagram.

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  • Ser Arthur Dayne Ser Arthur Dayne on Apr 03, 2024

    I said this the last time I saw an LA Police Gear clothing post on here- I have absolutely no dog in this fight ... other than the fact that I've been wearing their shorts and pants almost exclusively for about 15 years now, and I absolutely *rely* on them ... they're exceptionally high-quality, ridiculously good Value-for-Dollar, comfortable, stylish, and they make outstanding options for whatever- whether you truly are needing "Tactical" pants/shorts (because you're in that line of work...) - or you were like me, and just wanted stuff to look good at work but need pockets to carry things etc. - You can wear their pants to the vast majority of work jobsites (be that most offices, stores, actual work - whether you're kicking down doors or building houses or selling people bottles of wine like myself...) - and they look right at home if not stylish at the bar on a date, and I have some that I THINK might go back to 2009ish, definitely 2011 ... and they look new other than my own faults ( a spot of paint or cooking oil is MY OWN FAULT, not any clothing company...) ... They really are awesome. And the ONE OR TWO times I've ever had a "problem" , they not just corrected it, they hooked me up (I think once the credit card processing company fucked up mid-transaction, and it went through twice. THEY contacted me and told me "Yeah we fixed it and threw in another pair of pants in your size on us, for your trouble..." etc. something like that. The other time I couldn't get say a 10% off coupon code to work, so I reached out , and the dude made it 15% ... you can't ask for more than that...)

    So I'm not saying I'm just saying, I have their pants on literally as I type this, tomorrow I will have their shorts on, as I do 5-6 days out of the week for the last decade+ (It's pretty hot down here most of the time...) - and they're ON POINT.

  • Aim right Idaho Aim right Idaho on Apr 04, 2024

    I've been using LAPG pants for years now. They work well for me and I like them. Still waiting for the 6 pairs I have rotated for the last seven or so years to wear out, but it's gotta happen some time. I'll buy new once that happens.
    Good stuff.