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Concealed Carry Corner: 5 Great Gifts for A Concealed Carrier

Christmas time is right around the corner and there’s still enough time to order gifts for that special someone in your life who carries a firearm daily. With ammo being in short supply this year, it may seem like a challenge to find that perfect gift for your [Read More…]

Concealed Carry Corner: The Terrible Truth About Fanny Packs

Last week a buddy gave me a call and asked to come over to show me his new carry style. He walked into my house with a Rugrats fanny pack with a pair of white new balance shoes. Now my buddy Sean is a father who lives in the suburbs along with being the proud […] [Read More…]


Concealed Carry Corner: Three Different Carry Bag Options

Last week, I wrote about various PDWs and there were a number of people asking about the Vertx bag I had in the background. I also had people ask about other types of carry bags that work well with carrying concealed for pistols and larger weapons as well. There are [Read More…]

Concealed Carry Corner: The Good And Bad Of Carry Belts

When we have to carry for a long period of time, it’s sometimes fairly difficult to be comfortable after 8-10 hours of constant carrying. After a few hours of driving, it can sometimes cause discomfort or hot spots on your body. When this happens, oftentimes [Read More…]