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Concealed Carry Corner: Timeless Concealed Carry Trends

Concealed Carry Corner: Timeless Concealed Carry Trends

Over the last few years, there have been a few trends that emerged in the gun community. The older generations love to talk about their 1911s and leather holsters, while the young whippersnappers love plastic holsters and aftermarket attachments on their carry guns. [Read More…]

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Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying Concealed While Hiking

Over the last few months, I have started going on hikes daily typically with a larger hiking pack. Hiking park trails is a great alternative exercise to running while making your body work harder. Like many others, I gained a few pounds in the days of Covid lockdowns, [Read More…]

Constitutional Carry in Texas has been signed into law, as celebrated by the Texas Gun Rights' social media announcement from June 16th, shown here. Texas Permitless Carry on the Horizon? 3 Bills are Currently on the Line On Open Carry: Detroit Citizen has Pistol Stolen Right out of His Holster Detroit Residents Experiencing Massive CPL Application Delays Concealed Carry Corner: Tips For Winter Carry CANiK TP9 Elite SC Battlefield Trophy

Concealed Carry Corner: 5 Great Gifts for A Concealed Carrier

Christmas time is right around the corner and there’s still enough time to order gifts for that special someone in your life who carries a firearm daily. With ammo being in short supply this year, it may seem like a challenge to find that perfect gift for your [Read More…]

Concealed Carry Corner: The Terrible Truth About Fanny Packs

Last week a buddy gave me a call and asked to come over to show me his new carry style. He walked into my house with a Rugrats fanny pack with a pair of white new balance shoes. Now my buddy Sean is a father who lives in the suburbs along with being the proud […] [Read More…]