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TFBTV: Top 5 Guns of 2019

In this episode of TFBTV,  @James Reeves discusses the top 5 guns of 2019. These were all of the new guns reviewed by TFBTV this year, and our Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters voted on what they thought the top five guns were from the list of guns reviewed. We’ve got rifles, pistols, and [Read More…]

A Die Hard Christmas - TFB Holiday Buying Guide reader's choice awards

For the Ladies: Top 5 Worst Choices in Guns for Women #femaleshooters #nolatac #mansplaining

STOP MANSPLAINING GUNS TO WOMEN #stayinyourlane Brannon LeBouef, owner of NOLATAC Training and The St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center discusses the top 5 worst possible pieces of advice that women often get in regards to the best gun for them and why they should seek professional firearms education [Read More…]

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