TFB Review: Salomon's New Speed Assault 2 Boots

Matt E
by Matt E
TFB Review: Salomon’s New Speed Assault 2 Boots

In the world of quality gear, there are a number of choices when it comes to high-quality boots for all-weather use. There’s no shortage of quality Goretex lined boots that offer support and are built to keep water out as much as possible. Back in January of 2021, I wrote about the Salomon Spu Sponte MKIII s which is the heavier all-weather boot. This time I wanted a lighter boot for summertime that acted more like a gym shoe. I ended up picking Salomon’s newest model and gave them a whirl. Let’s take a closer look at the Salomon’s New Speed Assault 2 boots.

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The name of the game when it comes to the Speed Assault 2 boots is lightness and agility. Having a lightweight boot that can perform well under heavy use while staying lightweight is the tricky part. The Speed Assault 2 boots weigh in at 22.58 ounces for the pair which is pretty incredible for an outdoor boot. The boots are made out of tear-proof as well as ultra-durable mesh material keeping the Speed Assault 2 boots as light but tough as possible. The new Speed Assault 2 boots come standard with Salomon’s Quicklace System.

This lacing system removes the necessity of tying your shoes and instead lets you tighten them with a tensioning system making it fast to slip on and go. Traction is granted by a Contragrip Rubber System that keeps the sole light while offering an impressive amount of grip. The new Speed Assault 2 boots from Salomon are offered all the way up to size 14 with no wide variants available currently. MSRP for the Speed Assault 2 boots is $159.95.

Spec List

Weight (per shoe): 320 g | 11.29 oz
Upper: Gusseted tongue, Lace pocket
Upper Material: Anti-debris Mesh, Lycra®, Non-reflective materials, Ripstop fabric, Single layer Mesh
Lining Membrane:
Mesh and textile lining
Lacing System: Quicklace
Outsole: Chevron lugs, Contagrip® TA

Feature List

  • Ortholite insoles which provide step-in comfort and enhanced durability.
  • Energy Cell foam for shock attenuation
  • Contragrip rubber compound system for optimized grip
  • Quicklace systems

Range Time

When it comes to performing at the range, the Speed Assault 2s are some of the lightest boots I’ve ever worn while offering a crazy amount of traction. The large knobs on these Salomons really dig into sand and dirt giving you a planted feeling while moving laterally. The best way I can describe them on the range is wearing a set of gym shoes with aggressive tire tread strapped to the bottom. They are great at digging into the ground and giving you traction on surfaces that may otherwise be tricky to quickly move in.


The non-reflective lightweight material makes these shoes incredibly breathable. During my testing, the Speed Assault 2s were some of the most comfortable range boots while it was hot outside. Most of the time, I start to get rather uncomfortable because my feet sweat and typically I’ll take an extra pair of socks with me. With the Speed Assault 2 boots though, it’s a different story because the ventilation worked so well that I had no discomfort like I typically would with other heavier boots.

Quick Lace System

Salomon’s Quick Lace system might seem silly to some, but it’s one of the best selling points for me. After a long day running around at the range to be able to pull the quick release and slip them off is well worth the extra price. They also come in handy if you feel they are a bit tight and want to do any fine adjustments to the tension. Out of all the boots I’ve used in the last few years, the Speed Assault 2 boots are some of the best-performing ones. They offer exceptional traction at a reasonable price. The only downside I have experienced is the lack of waterproofing if it starts raining but that’s about it.

Daily Use

When it comes to daily use, I will be honest and say these boots are not my first pick for daily walking around on concrete. The aggressive textured sole is fantastic in dirt and on the trails, but it does feel a bit odd when walking around on hard concrete. You get this feeling of bouncing or having a spring in your step every time you walk on a hard surface. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, but I feel like I’m wearing down the tread on my shoes every time I walk on hard surfaces since it’s fairly aggressive.

Some of you will understand when I say I have a pair of dedicated range boots which are only used while shooting on an outdoor range. Salomon’s Speed Assault 2 boots have completely turned into those boots for me since they are so effective in dirt and sand. I have plenty of other shoes to wear for walking around town, and these boots can do that as well they just don’t excel in that environment.

Overall Thoughts

So after everything, what are my final thoughts on the Salomon Speed Assault 2 boots? Well, as far as a range boot, I am truly impressed with their performance and the amount of grip they offer in loose soil is noticeable, to say the least. I won’t hesitate to order another pair in the future for trail hikes and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a general-purpose boot to wear on concrete and occasionally on trails, I think there may be better options for you. As a trail boot or lightweight outdoor boot, I have yet to find something that performed as well as the Speed Assault 2 boots did.

Check Prices on Salomon Speed Assault 2 Boots

What do you guys think about having dedicated boots for range sessions and being outdoors? Do you typically buy a “do-all” boot or do you like to have the right shoes for the right job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have questions about range gear or shooting in general, shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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  • Aim right Idaho Aim right Idaho on Jun 03, 2022

    I've had Salomons in the past. They were great, but didn't last for me. I'd buy more if I could afford to, but I need my boots to last years, not months.

  • RobHarris RobHarris on Jun 20, 2022

    Upper and side mesh parts look like they gonna tear after 2-3 months of extensive use. Wouldn't use em for trails that's for sure. Been using Garmonts I got from for 2 years now and never had an issue even while hiking/solo camping.