[SHOT 2024] Aimtech Shows New M-LOK Compatible Pan-and-Pivot Bipods

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

At SHOT Show 2024, Aimtech showcased two new additions to its lineup of bipods. The offerings included a fresh entry in the Pan-and-Pivot series and a Warhammer-series bipod designed for an M-LOK stud mounting system.

The updated Pan-and-Pivot model features versatile leg adjustments ranging from 6 to 9 inches, catering to various shooting positions and preferences. Aimtech has addressed the balance between durability and weight by giving users an option to choose between solid legs for sturdiness and notched legs for weight reduction. What sets their notched design apart is the larger diameter, which maintains structural integrity while minimizing weight—a thoughtful detail signaling Aimtech’s consideration of practical use-case scenarios. For mounting, the Pan-and-Pivot bipod provides two alternatives: one designed to attach to sling swivel studs with a suggested retail price of $119 and another equipped with a Picatinny rail mount featuring adjustable width, retailing at $129. In both cases, the construction primarily utilizes aluminum with strategic employment of steel components for added robustness without excess weight.

Aimtech also premiered its Warhammer bipod with an M-LOK stud mounting system. This model offers the same leg length adjustment between 6 and 9 inches but excludes the pivot and pan features present in the Pan-and-Pivot series. Customers can also choose between notched or standard leg styles. The introduction of an M-LOK compatible bipod comes as Aimtech observes a growing trend of rifles equipped with the M-LOK system, reflecting the industry’s shift toward modularity and customization. In developing the Warhammer-series M-LOK bipod, Aimtech acknowledged its experimental nature, aimed at gauging the market interest in such a mounting option.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Cornpop Cornpop on Feb 01, 2024

    So Harris knock-off?

    • Kpi Kpi on Feb 01, 2024

      @Cornpop Both of these are over-priced as hell anyways, because you can get the same materials and literally exact 1:1 bipods from another manufoctorer just saying... sorry my english. So knockoffs after knockoffs after knockoffs it seems..