Strike Industries SIEGEN M-LOK Slot Covers with Cable Management Feature

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    There are dozens of M-LOK slot cover products on the market both offered by Magpul, the inventor of the M-LOK accessory mounting system, and by multiple other companies including Strike Industries. Recently, Strike Industries released another rail cover product which, however, is not just another rail cover that provides protection for hands and covers the slots. Their new Siegen M-LOK rail covers also double as a cable management device allowing to pass the cables of light/laser tape switches through them thus keeping them organized and providing an additional level of protection.

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    The Strike Industries Siegen rail covers consist of two parts – the actual rail cover and the cable cavity insert. If you are not going to pass a cable through any particular Siegen rail cover section and want to use it just for covering the M-LOK slot, you should install the cable cavity filler because otherwise, that section may fall off the rail when manipulating the firearm. The Siegen M-LOK rail covers are made of NBR 1052 rubber, which according to Strike Industries, withstands heat up to 320° F. Each Siegen rail cover section weighs 0.1 oz and has the following dimensions: length – 1.55″ (39.44mm); width – .483″ (12.28mm), height – .535″ (13.61mm).

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    As shown in the video below, the installation of Siegen rail covers is just a matter of placing the cable (or cavity filler) inside the cable cavity and pushing the assembly into the M-LOK slot until it snaps in place.

    The 5-pack of Strike Industries Siegen M-LOK rail covers is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $12.95. The package also includes the cable cavity inserts.

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    I am not aware of any other M-LOK rail cover on the market with such a cable management feature so there is really nothing to compare this product with. If there is such a rail cover made by another company, please tell us about it in the comments section.

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