WOOX Introduces New M-LOK and KeyMod Rail Covers

    WOOX have introduced some interesting hybrid stocks over the last year or so that bring modularity and style by combining modern features with traditional wooden stocks and chassis. Now they’ve introduced some new wooden rail covers for M-LOK and KeyMod forends.

    The new covers are made from American Walnut and have brass bushings. So if you’re looking to cover some unused rail space on your WOOX chassis, add some class to your rifle or just hide your KeyMod, then WOOX new¬†Walnut Rail Covers might be for you.

    WOOX Introduces New M-LOK and KeyMod Rail Covers

    Woox’s new American Walnut Rail Covers for MLOK and KeyMod (WOOX)

    Check out what WOOX have to say about their new Walnut Rail Covers:

    Innovative American-Italian rifle stock manufacturer WOOX has added new American Walnut Rail Covers for MLOK and KeyMod rails.

    The new WOOX Rail Covers are a great addition to most MLOK or KeyMod rails on the market today. Each rail cover is CNC machined out of a single piece of high-quality American walnut and hand finished. Two custom-made brass bushings reinforce each cover, adding further durability and reliability.

    Custom designed for improved ergonomics and heat protection, the new WOOX American Walnut Rail Covers are available now and have a retail price of $49.00.

    Woox’s new American Walnut Rail Covers for MLOK and KeyMod (WOOX)

    About WOOX:

    A new outdoor gear company, WOOX prides itself on delivering best craftsmanship at a competitive price. WOOX manufactures high-performance rifle stocks and chassis, as well as outdoor gear such as knives and axes. By circumventing traditional channels, making their gear in-house in Italy and engaging with customers directly, WOOX can deliver higher-quality, higher-performance and better-looking products at a fraction of the traditional craftsmanship price. WOOX is a division of Minelli Group with its North American headquarters situated in Hickory, North Carolina. All WOOX products are developed in the USA and manufactured in Italy.

    Find out more at www.wooxstore.com

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