FAB Defense Announces Gradus-M VFG and GL-Core Stock

    FAB Defense introduces their new Gradus-M foregrip (shown here) and GL-Core M buttstock.

    FAB Defense introduces their new Gradus-M foregrip (shown here) and GL-Core M buttstock.

    FAB Defense is an Israeli-based company offering a variety of firearms accessories. Their product lines include buttstocks, grips, handgun PDW conversion kits, rails and rail attachments, magazines, and more. Their website asserts that “FAB-Defense® superior ergonomics, functionality and durability, reflects decades of design experience through continuous improvement and successive generations of weapon accessories. TFB has covered prior product news from this company quite a bit over the years, and a selection of some of those articles is listed for you below.

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    The GL Core-M stock in OD Green shown installed on a rifle, along with some of the company's other products.

    The GL Core-M stock in OD Green shown installed on a rifle, along with some of the company’s other products.

    Today brings two new additions to FAB Defense’s catalogue. They’ve announced a new Gradus-M foregrip, and a GL-Core buttstock. The Gradus-M features a rubberized texture and M-LOK attachment interface. The GL-Core is an updated version of FAB Defense’s older GL-Mag buttstock. These are designed to store a spare 10-round magazine that inserts into the stock like a magwell. FAB Defense notes that you are not limited to a 10-round mag, and can use a larger-capacity mag in the GL-Core if you want additional rounds there. The respective press releases for these two new products read as follows.

    FAB Defense's new Gradus-M vertical foregrip.

    FAB Defense’s new Gradus-M vertical foregrip.


    F.A.B. Defense® Ads the Gradus-M to the Gradus Line of Accessories

    For Immediate Release – Modi’in, Israel. – F.A.B. Defense® is pleased to announce the Gradus-M as the latest addition to the Gradus line of accessories. The Gradus-M is in full production and is now available to dealers worldwide.

    The Gradus-M is an M-LOK attachable “stubby” fore grip with several features that make it a solid performer in a wide range of applications. Users will enjoy the multi textured rubberized finish to maintain a reliable and comfortable grip in cold, warm, wet, or dry conditions. The slight reduced angle provides comfort and prevents wrist and arm fatigue over hours of use.

    The Gradus line of grips and accessories by F.A.B. Defense®, is a series of rubberized parts that have been optimized for comfort and durability. The Gradus line includes grip options for popular platforms such as the AR10, AR15, and AK47. Also available as a combo with the F.A.B Defense® VTS-M.

    Gradus-M Features
    ● Mounts directly to M-LOK® interfaces
    ● Multi Textured rubberized grip
    ● Designed as an alternate hybrid “C” grip or stubby fore grip
    ● The reduced grip angle prevents arm & wrist fatigue
    ● Available in three colors: Black, FDE, and ODG

    MSRP: $35

    For more information please visit: www.fab-defense.com

    FAB Defense's new GL Core-M buttstock with spare 10-round magazine.

    FAB Defense’s new GL Core-M buttstock with spare 10-round magazine.

    F.A.B Defense® Announces the GL-Core M Adjustable Stock

    For Immediate Release – Modi’in, Israel. – F.A.B. Defense® is pleased to announce the release of GL-Core M stock as a replacement for the GL-Mag stock. The GL-Core M is the latest addition to the F.A.B. Defense® newly developed CORE line of premium carbine stocks.

    The F.A.B. Defense® GL-CORE M is purpose built to provide law enforcement officers an extra mag when they are required to utilize an AR-15 in the line of duty. Typically law enforcement officers have easily accessible spare mags for their side arm on their belt. Officers rarely have spare mags for their AR15 / M4 on their person and are left with one mage in the rifle when they pull it from a patrol vehicle. With the F.A.B. Defense® GL-CORE M officers will have the standard 30 round mag in the rifle but will have an additional mag stored in the buttstock for easy access under high stress situations.

    The F.A.B. Defense® GL Core M is a tactical buttstock with a multi-textured rubber buttpad and an integrated AR15 style magazine carrier. The GL-CORE M stock has ambidextrous rear QD sling swivel connectors molded and includes an interchangeable buffer tube adapter to provide compatibility with both Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes. The GL-CORE M comes in Black, OD Green, and FDE colors.

    F.A.B Defense® GL-CORE M Features
    ● Tactical buttstock with integrated AR 5.56 magazine carrier
    ● Optimized for a rapid magazine change
    ● Multi textured rubber butt-pad for a secure shouldering during rapid fire
    ● Interchangeable buffer tube adapters for a tight fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes
    ● Provided with one Ultimag 10 round AR magazine
    ● Includes ambidextrous quick detach rear sling swivel connectors

    The GL-CORE M is available immediately through the nationwide dealer network or online at www.fab-defenseus.com

    MSRP: $122

    Images courtesy of FAB Defense.
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