NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y

    NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y

    Ranger Point Precision (RPP) expand their impressive selection of lever-action rifle accessories by adding a new Compact M-LOK handguard for the Marlin 336 Compact and Youth 16″ barreled models. This product will allow the smaller Marlin rifles to easily gain the modern look and modularity that some users are coming to appreciate on these old designs.

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    NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y

    NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y

    The handguard offers 5 M-LOK mounting options on panels on each side and on its bottom. It’s built out of 6061 aluminum alloy and features black hard anodization. The M-LOK panels are held in place by 6/32 x 5/16 flat head screws and red Loctite, and they can be removed individually for replacement or further customization (all parts are tested for compatibility with Cerakote or equivalent coatings).

    RPP put a good deal of designing effort into ensuring proper and solid fit while maintaining an easy, DIY, installation process. Here below some details on construction and Installation, in the words of the company:

    Robust build quality. In addition to its hard anodized 6061 aluminum construction, the RPP handguard is supplied with purpose built barrel band mounting hardware that is significantly stronger than Marlin factory hardware. Our barrel band adapter also clamps around the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin. While we have confidence in the strength of our system, there is a practical limit to how much weight/recoil your barrel dovetail can support, so we discourage the use of heavy accessories and bipods.

    Easy DIY Install. We wanted to guarantee a drop in fit, with no gunsmithing required. Unfortunately, rifle tolerances can vary quite a bit, so we knew we couldn’t achieve this goal with precise machining alone. So we came up with our proprietary self bedding system. Incorporating rubber pads allows our handguard to accommodate a wide range of tolerances without having to alter parts. In addition, these pads improve accuracy potential, even over factory parts.

    NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y


    • Length: 9.75″
    • Width: 1.5″
    • Height: 1.6″
    • Weight: 5.8oz

    More details are available at the relevant product page on the Ranger Point Precision website. The MSRP is $172.00.

    NEW Ranger Point Precision M-LOK Handguard for Marlin 336C/Y

    What do you TFB readers think about this handguard and similar offerings by RPP? Are you sold on the trend of modernizing and accessorizing these traditionally styled rifles? Or do you prefer the unadulterated 19th Century lines?

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