Redi-Edge Redi-Lok M-LOK Knife Sharpener

    Redi-Edge Redi-Lok M-LOK Knife Sharpener (1)

    Redi-Edge, a manufacturer of knife sharpeners, has introduced an M-LOK compatible knife sharpening tool called Redi-Lok. This gadget can be attached to an M-LOK slot allowing you to sharpen your knives right on your weapon! Why would anyone need a knife sharpener on their gun? Let’s see if we can find the answer in the company’s description of this product.

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    The Redi-Lok Knife Sharpener was designed specifically as a M-LOK® rail accessory that will mount to any M-LOK® rail system. Your sharpener will be right on your rifle, making it easier when you are out in the field! It’s made of light weight military-grade aluminum, including a proprietary corrosion resistant finish. The Duromite™ sharpening elements are harder than any blade. The Redi-Lok comes factory set at a 40° angle that maintains a consistent 20° double cutting edge, You can get your Redi-Lok in either black or red. We include the hardware & tools needed to install this awesome piece!

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    The Redi-Lok M-LOK knife sharpener can be purchased from Redi-Edge’s website for $35.95. The price is identical for both color options. Redi-Lok is made in the USA and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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    Well, the question still remains: why? Can you think of any situation where having a knife sharpener attached to your firearm would come in handy? Maybe this could be a useful accessory for a survival firearm? Won’t it be a potential snag hazard that can also cut your clothes and gear like slings and MOLLE webbing? Sound off in the comments section.

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