Archive: August, 2019

POTD Indian Central Reserve Police Force Marksman with H&K PSG1 Rifle Hostage Taker Killed By Police Sniper FIME Group's New VEPR 12-80 Shotgun (1) Strike Industries ARK Slide For Gen 3 Glock 19 Pistols (2)

POTD: Minigun Monday VI

Unfortunately, there are not enough good pictures of Miniguns to keep us going every week, but this Monday we’re back with our very own Photo Of The Day: Minigun Monday where we admire pictures of Miniguns in various places and spaces. This time we’re [Read More…]

Discreet Rifle Cases Glock wins Brazilian Contract APTUS (DRD Tactical) Century Arms to Resume Importing WASR Rifles Chambered in 5.56x45mm - 660 Seekins Precision HAVAK Professional Hunter 2 (PH2) Rifle (7)