BREAKING: GLOCK Wins Brazilian Contract For Thousands Of Pistols

    Glock wins Brazilian Contract

    World news outlets are reporting that GLOCK has won a Brazilian contract to supply the São Paulo Military Police (SP MP) with thousands of new pistols. The article below mentions 40,000 guns, but there is conflicting information between various news sources making the actual number unclear.

    The contract is reportedly worth R $53M or nearly $13M in USD. The larger question of which GLOCK pistols the São Paulo State Police will actually end up carrying remains largely unseen at the moment. TFB previously reported on the initial receipt and testing of a shipment of .40S&W pistols about year and a half ago. These GLOCK pistols were unique in that they included a manual safety and Gen 5 features previously only seen in 9mm GLOCKs. Also competing for the Brazilian contract were firearm manufacturers Beretta and Canik. But the final model and features for the awarded contract is a bit of a mystery. As soon as we find out more TFB will update you!

    The last contract for pistols for the São Paulo MP was awarded to Taurus in 2011 for approximately R $1250 per gun. However, Taurus reportedly did not participate in this latest solicitation for a Brazilian contract to supply guns. Also of note is that reportedly a final round of testing is due before the GLOCK contract for SP MP is finalized.

    GLOCK has not made any announcement about the Brazilian contract award at the time of this writing. A (loosely) translated article about the news can be found below.

    BREAKING: GLOCK Wins Brazilian Contract For 40,000 Pistols

    The Austrian manufacturer Glock won an international bidding of the military police of São Paulo and will provide 40000 semiautomatic pistols caliber. 40 for the corporation.

    The initial forecast was to pay up to R $2000 for each weapon. But after 28 rounds of bidding, the Glock made the best offer with the value of R $891.66, getting ranked in the first place. 

    The estimate is that the purchase results in a savings of R $53 million to the public vaults, according to the corporation’s center of War Material.

    In the last acquisition of Taurus pistols, in 2011, the PM paid R $1,901 per each, according to the corporation. Taurus said that, at the last purchase, the PM paid R $1,249.91 (read the Taurus note below).

    They participated in the dispute, in addition to the Glock, the Italian Beretta and the Turkish manufacturer Canik. The Brazilian Taurus did not participate in the dispute. Currently, the manufacturer responds to administrative and judicial processes by the PM of SP and other states for failures in pistols and submachine guns, but there are no restrictions on their participation in bids. 

    Beretta’s initial proposal was R $1,727.55 for each pistol, while the initial Glock was around R $1,988. Canik has not been accredited for documentation failures. Source:


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