The New “Do-It-All” CZ 1012 Shotgun from CZ-USA

    The CZ 1012 is the next step in the continuing evolution of the CZ semi-auto shotgun line. The CZ 1012 makes use of a gas-less spring bolt operation. A “do everything shotgun” the CZ 1012 features a gas-less recoil system. The system uses a spring within the bolt to store energy during the recoil of the shotgun and retains it for a short moment until that energy is released to unlock the two lug bolt head from the barrel extension and extract the empty shell.

    1012 bronze

    CZ 1012 Gas-less semi-auto shotgun

    This gas-less system makes for a low maintenance semi-auto shotgun as there is no gas fouling up the piston and magazine tube. Throughout testing, CZ engineers and designers fired 5,000 shells through several of the 1012’s without any oil or cleaning being done during the testing. The result was a zero parts breakage and zero malfunction test session.

    Another advantage of the gas-less system is that it is able to cycle a wider variety of shells that are commonly found on the US market. Anything from small target loads to 3-inch Turkey loads will cycle in this shotgun. If you wanted to, you could probably go out in the morning and hunt, meet your buddies for lunch at the sporting clay range then take the boat out for an evening of duck hunting, all without switching shotguns.

    1012 mossy oak

    Features and customization

    The CZ 1012 presents a 28-inch barrel and options for furniture. The furniture itself can be shimmed by the shooter for perfect fit and comfort. Shooters can also choose from a variety of wood finishes or durable and sleek polymers for furniture. Finish options for the receiver include black, bronze, grey, and even a full camo option.

    1012 synthetic stock

    A cross-bolt safety naturally located at the front of the trigger guard makes for great ease of operation from both left and right-handed shooters. Combined with the large trigger guard makes for safe and easy access to the trigger even with gloved fingers. The CZ 1012 also comes with five extra-long extended chokes to suit any shooting situation

    Best of all is that the CZ 1012 comes competitively priced at just $659 MSRP, so sport shooters and hunters alike can afford this without their wives raising an eyebrow.

    1012 grey

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