Marketing to Law Enforcement in the 1970s

    Marketing to Law Enforcement in the 1970s – Apparently this is how it looked like in at least one instance, from The Law Enforcement Ordnance Company.

    Below you can get a closer look at the items marketed:

    As you can we have some very interesting firearms listed, with some great sample pictures.

    I typed all of them below, with links for your convenience if you like to read more details about some or all of them:

    M1 Thompson with a box magazine

    1921 Thompson with 100 round drum magazine and canvas case

    1928 Navy Thompson in FBI model

    According to Wikipedia on the Model 1928 (Source)

    The Model 1928 was the first type widely used by military forces, with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps as major buyers through the 1930s. The original Model 1928s were Model 1921s with weight added to the actuator, which slowed down the cyclic rate of fire, a United States Navy requirement. On these guns, the model number “1921” on the receiver was updated by stamping an “8” over the last “1”. The Navy Model 1928 has several names among collectors: the “Colt Overstamp”, “1921 Overstamp”, “28 Navy”, or just “28N”.

    The 1928 Thompson would be the last small arm adopted by the U.S. Army that used a year designation in the official nomenclature. With the start of World War II, major contracts from several countries saved the manufacturer from bankruptcy. A notable variant of the Model 1928 with an aluminum receiver and tenite grip, buttstock, and forend, was made by Savage

    MP-40 and MP-41 and Steyr Solothurn MP-34 Submachine guns

    BAR – “fired from shoulder”

    Reising Model 50 Submachine gun

    M3 Grease gun

    My personal favorites are the 1917A1 Browning Water-cooled Machine Gun and the MG-42 Machine Gun.

    Do we know if any Police Force ever ordered any Maschinengewehr 42s or not? Or any Browning MGs for that matter? The Browning Model 1917 is a World War Machine Gun after all, and seems to have been phased out in the 1960s.

    If so, have they ever been used in active duty (in the US)?

    If you know – please let us know in the comments and help us dig out some history.

    With some help of Google, I found out that Japan’s Police have been using some of these types of firearms. Check out this picture! (side note)

    Nov. 07, 1951 – Japan’s Police: Arms And The Men Trainees at Japan’s National Police Reserve Academy in Etchujima pose behind their varied weapons on one of the school’s firing ranges. About 950 trainees are at the academy undergoing a nine-week training course. Their weapons include the M-1 rifle, the carbine, 30-caliber and 50-caliber machine guns, the 2.36 bazooka, the 60mm mortar, the Browning automatic rifle. Mortars and bazooka are recent additions to the police arsenal.


    Below: What every undercover Police agent needs to survive in the 1970s.

    Fully loaded with a Thompson drum magazine, shotgun and a BAR. With an antique car on bicycle wheels. Just remember to order pants that reach all the way down next time!


    I tried to search for the “Law Enforcement Ordnance Company”, but couldn’t come up with a lot of information.

    I found this on Amazon: “Law Enforcement Ordnance Company – 1974 Printing Single Issue Magazine”


    They are also mentioned in the book “The Thompson Submachine Gun: From Prohibition Chicago to World War II“, written by Martin Pegler.



    There is also a note from the “United States Bankruptcy Court, M.D. Georgia” from 1983, where things seem to have come to a halt.

    In the Matter of Roger Alan COX, d/b/a Law Enforcement Ordnance Company, Debtor.
    UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff,
    Roger Alan COX, d/b/a Law Enforcement Ordnance Company, Defendant.

    Bankruptcy No. 82-30023-Ath, Adv. No. 82-3055.

    United States Bankruptcy Court, M.D. Georgia, Athens Division.

    October 5, 1983.

    I’m not a lawyer, so you can read the rest here. (Source:


    Thanks to ACR on Twitter for the original find. You can check out the Tweet below:

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