THE DAILY WORKER: TFB’s Top Labor Day Deals – AK47 – SKS – Tools

    Good afternoon, Comrade. Please do not stop working – this public service announcement can be reviewed with time made available while waiting in the rations line. As we announce our list of Labor Day Deals, we’d like to remind everyone that you are only entitled to personal items that coincide with your abilities as well as your needs. For example, if you are unable to successfully operate an AK47, you are not permitted to take part in any of the below-listed merchant’s (capitalist pigs) sales offers. Likewise, if you already own three or four functional rifle magazines, you will not be permitted to purchase additional ammunition feeding devices. The people thank you for your cooperation.

    THE DAILY WORKER: TFB’s Top Labor Day Deals – AK47 & Tools

    Even though we live by the Firearms, Not Politics motto here at TFB, I thought some of you may appreciate some socialist Labor Day laughs. This post makes no actual statement about any political movement – socialist, communist or otherwise. Just a modest attempt at humor using Lenin’s head and a few weak labor jokes.

    Americans have celebrated Labor Day as a national holiday since 1894, somewhat based on the work done by P. J. McGuire, Vice President of the American Federation of Labor, to recognize the American labor movement. Besides being a break from the grind at the old sawmill or steel foundry for most of us, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer in the United States. (You’ll notice that none of our deals are wearing white.) So before you celebrate the kids returning to school by firing up the grill and cracking a cold one, you may want to use some of your hard-earned capital to invest in some Combloc guns, gear and ammo.

    From all of us at TFB, have a great holiday, be safe and we’ll see you right here on the blog.

    ARSENAL INC – SAM7K-01R 7.62X39 10.5″


    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Arsenal SAM7K

    The SAM7K from Arsenal is an AK-47 pattern pistol built around an Arsenal’s exceptionally strong forged-then-milled receiver mated to a hammer-forged, chrome-lined, 7.62x39mm chambered 10.5″ barrel manufactured using advanced Steyr barrel technology. There’s a reinforced molded polymer pistol grip, as well as a military style front, and rear peep sight, plus an AK type scope rail for mounting an optic.

    You can get your Arsenal SAM7K in this configuration: SAM7K-01R with a machined aluminum PR-03 Picatinny Quad Rail Handguard System for AR-15 like versatility in mounting accessories. Other features of the SAM7K include:

    • One-piece front-sight / gas block assembly
    • Krinkov-style coned flash suppressor
    • 4 groove, 1-9.44″ (240mm) rifling
    • Reliable double-hook trigger
    • Accepts ANY magazine that fits standard 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles
    • Comes with one 5-round mag
    • Sling, cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and an oil bottle included

    You’ll want to shoot your SAM7K a lot because of the consistent pull and fast reset of its double-hook. Fortunately, you can shoot this AK pistol a lot because its chrome-lined bore lets you use the super-cheap milsurp ammo with corrosive primers – just make sure you clean the gun pronto after every range session.

    Arsenal’s SAM7K can be converted to an SBR post-purchase, after you fill out your NFA paperwork and get it approved by the ATF. It is constructed of 100% new-manufactured parts made in Bulgaria and the U.S., so it’s fully compliant with Title 18 USC Section 922(r) parts-source restrictions.



    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Chinese SKS

    Here is a great opportunity! We are offering about 50 of these 1960’s era Chinese SKS rifles well below our cost! These 50 simply did not make the grade to be sold at our $379-$439 price. They all appear to be complete rifles. Most will have little finish and/or wood cracks, imperfections and some will feature interesting graffiti carved into the stocks. Just like our regular grades there will be a mix of all matching serialized rifles and the rest will be mostly matching. All include a spike bayonet. This is a final sale, so no returns.   May or May not have cleaning rod.


    $12.99 MSRP

    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: AK47 PMag

    The PMAG 20 AK/AKM MOE is an inexpensive, lightweight, high reliability 20-round polymer magazine designed for Kalashnikov pattern rifles in 7.62x39mm (AK-47, AKM, AKS, SIG556R, and others.)

    It features a removable floorplate, constant curve geometry, and a high-reliability/low-friction follower for the affordable performance you expect from a MOE PMAG.

    Magazine counts as three US compliance parts for 922r.

    • Impact and crush resistant all polymer body
    • Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
    • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
    • Long life stainless steel spring
    • Ribbed gripping surface and aggressive front and rear texture for positive magazine handling
    • Paint pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body to allow for identification marking
    • Flared floorplate aids magazine handling and disassembly

    Ten Pack:


    Prices vary

    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: RS Regulate AK47 Optics Mount

    Updated design allows for customization of the mounting platform. Option of three different lower mounts, with a full length lower rail, forward rail and rear rail. Placement of lower rail allows for optics to be positioned in the ideal location front to back, as well as right to left. Lightweight CNC machined aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. Position optics in co-witness location. Allows field stripping of the rifle without removal of the optic on most AK variants. Redesigned thumb lever lock retains zero even after repeated optic removal and reinstallation. Ability to stake position for extreme duty.



    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: ALG Defense AK47 Trigger

    The ALG AK Trigger (AKT) is a single stage trigger designed for the AK47 and AK74 variant platforms. The AKT features a smoother and shorter trigger pull than the stock trigger and is ideal for combat and home defense use. It is machined from triple alloy steel and has a corrosion resistant Manganese Phosphate finish.

    The AKT features the Lightning Bow, which produces a very comfortable feel to the user over the stock trigger, while enhancing trigger control. For OEMs and builders, the AKT lends three parts towards 922(r) Compliance.



    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Wolf 7.62×39

    Wolf Ammunition is great for high-volume shooting and is made for reliable ignition in adverse conditions. Copper-washed steel case resists corrosion and ensures smooth feeding and extraction. PolyFormance line has a slick PolyFormance coating that further enhances smooth chambering/extraction. Non-corrosive powder and primer won’t damage the bore.


    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Foreign Weapons Tool Kit

    Complete, Dedicated Kit For Field Repair & Maintenance Of Tactical Weapons

    Contains tools for servicing a variety of Soviet-type foreign weapons, including the AK-47/AKM assault rifle, PK/PKM/PKMS 7.62mm machine gun, Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, DShK/DShKM 12.7mm machine gun, and RPG-7 grenade launcher. Lets you field-strip these weapons quickly for cleaning, maintenance, adjustment, and repair without the confusion and down time spent scrounging for the proper tools.


    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Everything is a nail. Including you

    The Brownells Premium 3/4″ Delrin Tipped Brass Hammer is precision manufactured and hand adssembled entirely within the USA.  The brass head is hand turned (the ole fashion way, one at a time) from CDA 360 brass rod, extruded in a USA mill, and beautfully hand polished.  On one end of this brass hammer is a finely crafted, high quality Delrin Tip that is securely locked into place.  This Delrin tip offers the quick availablilty of a softer end when the need arises.  A properly seasoned, turned in the USA, hickory handle is then pressed into the finished brass head and securely brass pinned.  This hammer is a work of art yet designed to serve the professional or hobbyist gunsmith, woodworker, mechanic, and machinist with years of hard use.

    Zenport Aluminum Handle K310 Brush Clearing Sickle


    Labor Day Deals

    Labor Day Deals: Work harder, live longer

    Zen port K310 Brush clearing sickle with 9″ aluminum handle & 9″ Sk5 Japanese high carbon steel blade. Designed for heavy duty clearing & scrubbing of tough vines weeds undergrowth & small saplings. Black soft rubber grips & the 9″ aluminum tube allows maximum leverage & force. Razor sharp 9″ carbon steel straight edge hooked blade provides powerful cuts on stems stalks & branches. Also makes a great knife for harvesting a variety of fruits berries & vegetables. Overall tool length measures”.

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