Rifle World Shoot 2019 Sweden – Part IV

    Above you can see the legend Jerry Miculek (USA) on one of the run and gun stages at the Rifle World Shoot.

    I saw him and the other Seniors of the American Team shoot this stage, and there’s still a lot of speed in their legs and shooting!

    Wherever Jerry goes he gets a lot of attention and writes autographs with a smile. He ended up on one of my pictures from SHOT Show for instance: SHOT Show legends.

    His daughter Lena Miculek was also in the match. Check out TFB’s In-Depth Interview with her from before.

    Over a period of time, we are sharing pictures, results and stories from Rifle World Shoot 2019. One article is too small to cover everything.

    All the pictures are courtesy of Chris Jonkers of Studio BOJO.

    One of the Range Officers commented “RWS 2019 – another kind of experience – … over 5000 km driving … amazing landscape … daily over 25.000 steps … stages without berms … bike and motorbikes used for scoring … excellent waterproof nordic targets … lot of fun with the stage crew and the shooters”

    You can find Part I of the pictures here and Part 3 here.

    Below: Stage 13 and 14. This looks like a trap, but the construction was a part of a Cooper Tunnel and also allowed for some lovely Distance Max shooting at targets up in the blue. The area behind was off-limits for the public. The safety angles were fairly tight on the left side.

    US Ladies Team smiling with Range Officers. This is from stage 2 and 3. Stage 2 was really difficult, with two super fast swinger targets at 60 yards.

    The IPSC World Rifle Championships 2019 in Sweden. The match consisted of 30 stages over 6 days, with the longest shooting distances being around 320 – 340 meters/yards.⁣⁣

    Sometimes shooting at moving targets (like below), sometimes shooting at fixed targets from an unstable platform.

    Below: Stage 5, with off-hand shooting into IPSC Mini targets. I would say that Lanny Barnes is very brave to shoot at these small targets (not visible in the picture) with pulse, off-hand. Perhaps all that biathlon training gives some help?

    This is most probably stage 7. With targets cut in half, or with hardcover, to make it more difficult to hit the desired A Zone.

    Where are the beavers?

    Team Heckler & Koch Norway. The rifle is a modified MR223/556.

    Below: Jerry Miculek with a Norwegian Range Officer. 38 countries were represented at World Shoot Rifle with over 600 participants. The USA had about 35 of their top shooters in the competition.

    Russian Lady shooter with an AR15 at stage 6.

    Olle Ackehed from Sweden on stage 4.There was a sweet spot right there for one of the targets, about 60 yards away.

    Another sweet spot. One of the ladies from the USA targetting a target about 50 yards out.

    Gunroom.tv did a series of videos covering the Rifle World Shoot: gunroom.tv/channel/ukpsa/

    What is it like at an IPSC World Shoot?

    We attend the 2019 IPSC Rifle World Championship in Sweden, but for those who haven’t been, what’s it like? I give a quick snapshot of the stages, shooters and overall atmosphere of what is they largest event in the IPSC calendar.

    Sami Hautamäki (FIN), sponsored by Lapua, commented:
    The stages were beautifully designed, utilizing the natural forest surroundings and height differences. Some stages presented really tricky shooting positions and small targets. Absolutely the best organized and well-planned event I’ve ever attended”.

    Sami too Gold in the Semi-Auto Standard discipline, with Joe Easter (USA) taking silver and Håvard Ostgaard (Nor) the bronze.⁣⁣ That’s the division where optics and supports are banned, to make the shooting even more difficult.
    Sami concluded on Lapua’s Facebook (Source): “For me, the competition went great. On the first day I was able to gain a lead of 50 points to my toughest competitors, and during the following days I was able to increase that lead so that at the end of day 4 I was roughly 200 points ahead of the rest.

    During day 5, I just focused on shooting clean, avoiding mistakes. I used mostly the factory-loaded Lapua 55 gr FMJ, for a few longer distances I used Lapua brass with the 69 gr Scenar and Vihtavuori N133 powder.”⁣⁣

    Sami shoots with an Italian ADC AR15.

    Team Finland’s shirt maker Dead Eye Design did this collage:

    You can find more pictures, from Mr. Anders Wangensteen, at https://www.aswphoto.no/Events/RWS2019/

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.