SILENCER SATURDAY #87: YHM Sidewinder Pistol Suppressors

    Good afternoon everyone and thanks for joining us once again for TFB’s Silencer Saturday. I’m Pistol Pete and I’ll be your host for today’s show, which ironically will focus on the line of YHM Sidewinder pistol suppressors. About nine months ago I conceived a Silencer Saturday post asking “Are pistol cans worth it?”. Of course the answer is yes, because we should strive to live in a quieter world. But due to the ergonomics of pistol hosts, there are some characteristics of pistol suppressors that make shooting quietly even more enjoyable. Today we get a preview of the YHM Sidewinder pistol caliber silencers.

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    SILENCER SATURDAY #87: YHM Sidewinder Pistol Suppressors

    The reason this is an YHM Sidewinder preview is because I had a booster mixup and did not have a chance to shoot either the 45 Caliber or the 9mm cans prior to publishing. Hopefully we can get everything sorted out by next week.

    YHM Sidewinder Yankee Hill Machine

    The YHM Sidewinder isn’t a new edition to the silencer world; they’ve been around for about four years and all the reports I have read have been positive. Yankee Hill is phasing out the .40 Caliber Sidewinder, leaving behind just the 9mm and 45 versions. Not to worry, I may have a .40S&W surprise for all the fans out there in a couple weeks.

    YHM Sidewinder – Specifications

    YHM introduced the Sidewinder family of pistol suppressors in 2015. The result of extensive R&D, YHM’s Sidewinder’s are optimized to give you an affordable, lightweight suppressor packed with features typically found in more expensive models.

    The Sidewinder utilizes an all new high efficiency mono-core baffle made from 7075-T6 aluminum that is class 3 hardcoat anodized. The outer tube is made from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum which is also finished with class 3 hardcoat anodize. These materials offer high strength and longevity in a lightweight package. Our Adapter, Nielsen Sleeve, Blast Baffle, and Rear Cap are constructed from heat treated 17-4ph stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and wear, and will not degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures.

    The Sidewinder is user serviceable which allows both the baffle and Nielsen device to be removed for cleaning and maintenance using the provided disassembly tool. Our Nielsen device enables flawless semi-automatic operation on all relevant host pistols. The Sidewinder has 12 index points that allow you to adjust point of impact while remaining attached to the host firearm. Each Sidewinder comes with a heat resistant tactical pouch (YHM-TSP-10) that allows for easy storage, even if the suppressor is still hot to the touch.

    The average dry sound signature of the Sidewinder 9MM when testing to Mil-Std 1474D is 124dB on a Glock G17 using Winchester 147gr ammo. Shooting the suppressor “wet” will net even quieter results.


    • Caliber: 9mm
    • Overall Length: 7.800 Inches
    • Diameter: 1.375 Inches
    • Weight: 10.0 Ounces
    • Suppression Level: 125 dB on G17, 147 gr
    • Material: Aircraft Quality Aluminum and Stainless Steel
    • Finish: Hardcoat Anodized matte black to Mil. Specs. or better
    • Method of Attachment: Thread-on
    • MSRP: $665


    • Caliber: .45 Cal.
    • Overall Length: 8.75 Inches
    • Diameter: 1.375 Inches
    • Weight: 10.75 Ounces
    • Suppression Level: 133 dB on M&P .45, 230 gr
    • MSRP: $665

    The weights of each silencer matched up to the specifications listed on the YHM website. For a comparison I used a SilencerCo Octane 45HD which is about two ounces heavier.

    YHM Sidewinder

    YHM Sidewinder – 9mm

    YHM Sidewinder

    YHM Sidewinder – 45 Caliber

    YHM Sidewinder

    SWR/SilencerCo Octane 45 HD

    Monocore Vs Baffles

    There are two main styles of internal geometry for pistol suppressors: traditional baffles and monocore. Baffle equipped cans, in general, tend to be quieter than monocore designs. On the other hand, monocore silencers are easier to disassemble and clean. But the major gripe with monocore designs is a phenomenon called “first round pop” or FRP. Because the volume in the initial chambers of a monocore can be larger than a baffle design, there is more space for a fuel/oxygen detonation – what silencer buffs call FRP. It usually only occurs on the first shot because afterwards the oxygen is displaced from inside the tube.

    Also,, if you use a tumbler to clean your suppressors longer monocore designs can make the process more difficult than just tumbling a bunch of baffles.

    Lets take a look at the YHM Sidewinder internals.

    The monocore is removed with an included tool that unscrews from the tube.

    What’s unique about the YHM Sidewinder monocore is that it includes a single baffle that gives the internal design a more traditional blast chamber. Will this baffle help tame FRP? We’ll have to wait a week to find out.

    The 45 Caliber Sidewinder is about an inch longer than the 9mm version.

    The pistons are removed using the same tool that is used to unscrew the monocore from the tube. The user aligns the four dots with the indentations on the end cap.

    Here’s another look at the two baffles at the beginning of the monocore section.

    Hopefully I’ll get my booster situation sorted out this week and get the YHM Sidewinder silencers out on the range for some comparison testing. Thanks for reading TFB, be safe and we’ll see you next Saturday.


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    Published on Aug 22, 2019 – TFBTV

    In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the Hush Puppy Project S&W M&P 2.0. What is the Hush Puppy Project? From their website:

    “The Hush Puppy Project® provides innovative solutions to reduce or remove noise signatures from gunshots. Guns produce three distinct sounds: the cartridge’s firing, the bullet’s sonic crack and the gun’s operational cycle.

    Addressing the loudest of the three— the gunshot— requires a silencer (or sound suppressor) to reduce and impede the flow of high-pressure gases produced by the combustion of the cartridge’s powder charge. Hush Puppy® Project silencers reduce the sound of a gunshot through a marriage of technology from both monocore-style and wipe-style silencer designs.

    The second sound source is the sonic boom, or “crack,” of a bullet exceeding the speed of sound, which is eliminated with subsonic ammunition. Our silencers are optimized for Hush Puppy® subsonic ammunition, made by our sister company, Super Vel Ammunition.

    Finally, the metallic noise of a pistol’s operational cycle is removed by transforming the pistol into a locked breech firearm, thus preventing the pistol from self-loading. A Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device (patent pending) prevents a semi-automatic pistol’s slide from reciprocating on the frame while the pistol is in locked breech mode.”

    Read more at:


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