POTD: Minigun Monday VI

    Unfortunately, there are not enough good pictures of Miniguns to keep us going every week, but this Monday we’re back with our very own Photo Of The Day: Minigun Monday where we admire pictures of Miniguns in various places and spaces.

    This time we’re looking at the Profense M134 Minigun Weapon System.

    At SHOW Show Miles had a look at this beast in this article: A Minigun for the 21st Century: The Profense M134.

    How to make a buggy into a formidable weapon system.

    YouTube: ProFense M134 with Precision Remotes TRAP T-360 A3 M240 on the Polaris MRZR!!

    The Polaris MRAZ Attack and Recon Vehicle with the PoFense / Precision Remotes TRAP T-360 A3 M134 ROWS Remotely Operated Weapons Station.

    Yes, you can mount this beast on a helicopter too.

    A detailed picture of the Minigun.

    Here you can find the system described: M134 Minigun Weapon Systems

    The Profense™ M134 Gatling Gun is an electrically driven, (28 VDC) automatic machine gun with a sustained rate of fire in excess of 3,000 rounds per minute (rpm). The M134 fires the standard 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge and utilizes a link-fed ammunition system (M13 Link).

    The M134 is driven from a self-contained battery power supply, or power provided from the platforms vehicle electrical system.

    The Profense™ M134 is the most technically advanced M134 Weapon System available supporting U.S. Defense Forces as well as NATO and non-NATO allies. Our M134 exceeds the performance requirements defined in MIL-M-45920 for the U.S. Army and provides “State-of-the-Art” feature enhancements that separate our weapon system from the competition.

    To achieve these objectives, Profense™ has meticulously inspected each aspect of this gun and designed system level improvements centered on performance, readiness, ease of use and long-term sustainability. The unique feature enhancements and product improvements to the Profense™ M134 are:

    • Improved Feeder Sprocket to Eliminate Handover Failures

    • Improved Splined Feeder Shaft to Eliminate Roll-Pin Failures and Misalignments

    • Improved Feeder Door to Simplify Ammunition Loading Procedures

    • Single-Tang Bolt Assembly to Reduce Operational Readiness Inspections

    • Aero-Clamp Flash Suppressor Introducing Thermodynamic Cooling Processes’

    • Multi-Functional Gun Control Unit (Ammunition Status/Rounds Counter)

    • Improved Manufacturing Procedures

    • Improved Manufacturing Coatings

    • USG Tier 1 Supply-Chain