FIME Group’s New VEPR 12-80 Shotgun

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    You guessed it, the coolest thing about the FIME Group Vepr 12-80 shotgun is its humongous muzzle brake. Other than that, it is a standard Russian Molot Vepr-12 semi-auto shotgun. With a barrel length of 12″, this configuration of Vepr-12 would be an SBS (Short Barreled Shotgun) hence an NFA item requiring a $200 tax stamp and tedious and uncertain amount of wait time until the stamp arrives. What FIME Group engineers did is designed this monster muzzle brake that they pinned and welded to the barrel to increase the barrel length just over 18″ which allowed them to convert these SBS Vepr-12s into “normal shotguns” as far as the law is concerned and delist them from being NFA items.

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    And of course, this should be a very effective muzzle brake and muzzle rise compensator due to its size. This is literally the longest shotgun muzzle brake I’ve ever seen. Many of you probably think that such a muzzle device will overcompensate pushing the gun down, but the company claims that they have engineered it so that it ensures no vertical movement of the barrel upon firing –  they even call it Zero Rise Muzzle Brake.

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    The way this muzzle brake works is demonstrated in slow-motion footage seen in the below-embedded video.

    Other features of the FIME Group Vepr 12-80 shotgun include the RPK-style receiver and reinforced front trunnion, side folding stock with a cheekpiece, RPK-style adjustable rear sight, last round bolt hold open, Picatinny rails on the hinged dust cover and under the gas block, and chrome-lined bore and chamber. These shotguns are chambered in 12 gauge and have 3″ chambers. The overall and folded lengths are 38″ and 27-3/4″ respectively. The weight without a magazine is a little over 9 lbs.

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    The FIME Group Vepr 12-80 shotguns are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $1,699.99. They come with one 5-round and one 8-round box magazines.

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