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The top selling rifle in the USA.


Adjustable AR Gas Blocks

Over at AllOutdoor Major Pandemic writes about the benefits of installing an adjustable gas block on an AR-15 rifle … This last weekend, I provided a buddy a side-by-side comparison of his standard AR and one of my AR-15s with an adjustable gas block. His actual [Read More…]


Diamondback DB15 PR

New from Diamondback is the DB15 PR pistol with a Cerakote Finish. The company does not seem to publish the MSRP so I cannot tell you the cost. From the press release … The new .223/5.56 DB15 pistol based off of Diamondback’s A3 Flattop forged 7075 T6 [Read More…]


TacCon 3MR “Full-Auto” Trigger

Remember the SlideFire stock that allows you to fire your rifle in “full-auto”? Here’s something a bit different. Tactical Fire Control, Inc. will be taking pre-orders on December 1st for their new TacCon 3MR  trigger system. The 3 mode drop-in [Read More…]


GWACS Lightweight AR-15 Lower Review

Over at AllOutdoor, Oleg Volk reviews the GWACS Lower, an updated version of the polymer lower that used to be manufactured by Cavalry Arms. The Cav Arms lower was popular back in the day but the company went out of business and sold off their designs and equipment. [Read More…]

Silent capture spring, with stock buffer weight and spring for comparison.

SI CheckMate Compensator

Strike Industries have added a new compensator to their line of muzzle brakes. The SI CheckMate Compensator, named after its close resemblance to a castle chess piece, is a single baffle brake with an offset top port optimized for right handed shooters (lefties, this is [Read More…]


MFT Tekko Integrated Rail System

Mission First Tactical is making a 7″ aluminum quad-rail for the AR-15.  Called the T-MARC (Tekko Metal AR Carbine) Integrated Rail System, it replaces the standard handguard with a unit that has four Picatinny rails. No screws or gunsmithing is needed to install [Read More…]

Exo-pic0-START INSULON M4 Shroud OMNI HYBRID Stripped Lower fake-magpul-mbus-pro-from-china

BeowulfX Picatinny Rail

Crowdfunding has brought us a plethora of new firearm products and parts over the last year or so, from AR-15 upper and lower receivers to gun lock boxes. Well here’s a new product for the AR-15 that’s a bit, different. The BeowulfX Picatinny Rail mounting [Read More…]