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The top selling rifle in the USA.


CMMG AR15 Carbine Review

NOTE: This product review was made possible by  To get up-to-date information on where to find cheap CMMG carbines for sale, please visit CMMG has been in business since 2002. Jeff and John Overstreet own the company. Prior to 2002 [Read More…]


AR-15 + Hacksaw = PUG 15

An afrcom’er took a hacksaw to his AR-15, cutting off the barrel in line with the frontsight, giving himself under 9″ of barrel length. Luckily for him the gun, which he named PUG 15, appears to cycle correctly. He took a lot of abuse at, but I [Read More…]



An ARFCOM readers S&W M&P15T suffered an incredible catastrophic failure, probably the worst I have seen. NVCapCop reports … My S&W M&P15T was destroyed today with an epic Kaboom (catastrophic failure). I did not suffer any major physical injuries [Read More…]