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The top selling rifle in the USA.


Dual Gas Piston / DGI Patent

Jason Jackson has received a patent (#8,176,837) for a AR-15 gas system that can be switched from piston-mode to direct impingement-mode by the operator. The piston itself is the gas tube. By adjusting the system, the piston can be locked in place and opened up to allow [Read More…]


How not to carry your rifle

Carrying an AR-15 around by the magazine is only asking for problems. Photo caption … Sgt. Bashir, a platoon sergeant with Afghan National Army’s 6th Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 203rd Corps, greets a farmer during a U.S.-Afghan clearing operation in southern Ghazni [Read More…]


Georgia G5 Carbine AR-15

The G5, a piston-operated AR-15 rifle manufactured in Georgia (the country), entered service in the Georgian Armed Forces earlier this year. It features a full length quad rail, retractable stock similar in looks to the M4 stock, ergonomic pistol grip and BUIS. The [Read More…]