[SHOT 2019] New Products of VLTOR Weapon Systems

    VLTOR Weapon Systems brought a ton of new products to SHOT Show 2019. In this article, I’ll briefly tell about the most significant ones. According to the company officials, most of these new products will be available for purchase by Q3 2019. Let’s take a look.

    Modular A5 Buffer Kit

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    This new buffer kit includes everything necessary to configure an up to 9.7 oz AR-15 buffer. The kit comes with aluminum and steel buffer bodies as well as a set of steel and tungsten weights. There is also a simple mechanism to prevent the rattling of the weighs yet still retaining their ability to move inside the buffer and eliminate the bolt carrier bounce.

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    The mentioned mechanism consists of a buffer weight with about a half way drilled cavity inside it, a spring that fits the cavity, spring plug, cross pin and the polymer buffer tip/bumper which has a hole trilled all along its length. When assembling the buffer you need to install the weight with the cavity last, then place the spring inside it, install the polymer bumper, install the spring plug and fix everything in place via the provided cross pin. The way it works is the spring simply applies tension to the weight stack that is strong enough to keep them from rattling but weak enough to allow the weights to move during the cycling of the action.

    Freedom Rail Handguard Extension

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    The name of this accessory is self-explanatory. It attaches to the KeyMod slots of the Vltor Freedom Rail Handguard and covers the suppressor. The inside diameter of this rail extension is 2″.

    VLTOR Blast Deflector

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    This muzzle blast deflector is designed to be attached to Vltor T1 quick mount compensators as well as other two-lug muzzle devices.

    CMRD M-LOK AK Handguard

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    Last but not least, the new Vltor M-LOK AK rail looks to be quite an interesting design. It has a base part that clamps to the barrel then the actual handguards are attached to that part. This handguard extends forward to the front sight and provides a lot of M-LOK accessory mounting slots.

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