SB Tactical FS 1913 Pistol Brace Review

    SB Tactical is one of those innovative and forward-thinking companies around the gun industry in my opinion. They have given the consumer market a lot of choices when it comes to pistol builds with their AR pistol braces. Now don’t get me wrong, not everything SB Tactical makes is crazy innovative, but overall the level of quality they offer is extremely high.

    Their newest pistol brace is called the FS 1913 and gives the PDW market a huge advantage in terms of handling and overall control. The FS 1913 pistol brace is a side folding brace that attaches to the weapon by a Picatinny rail attachment on the back of the weapon. These braces fit on a variety of weapon systems but were originally designed to be a low profile brace for the SIG Sauer Rattler. This is the main reason I decided to install the FS 1913 pistol brace onto my gun, but it also fits onto MP5s and AK platforms as well. I’ve been running the FS 1913 pistol brace for a little over three months now and so far I’m very impressed.

    The biggest issue I had with my Rattler before swapping braces was the amount of time it took to deploy the 3 positioning brace when trying to fire it. There was not a quick way to fully deploy the brace, but the FS 1913 pistol brace solved the issues I had and now I’m extremely happy with my PDW. The pistol brace has secure retention when folded and stays in place until its time to deploy the brace in the open position.

    The FS 1913 brace fixes this issue because it’s lightning fast to deploy. There are no adjustable settings so when it folds to the side it can be deployed without changing the length or pressing any buttons. The side folder has enough tension to stay in place while not being used, but it’s extremely quick to deploy and does not require buttons to release.

    If I had to talk about negatives I would say the fact its a polymer design rather than a metal can be considered a downside in my eye. I’d feel better if the overall design was metal and rubber, like most other designs but to save weight they went with a polymer. It feels sturdy, but not the rock-solid feel a metal design would give the user.

    Other than that I have no complaints with the Brace, it’s easy to deploy and sturdy on a PDW. If you guys have questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below and stay safe out there.


    – Advanced steel hinge design locks in both folded and extended positions

    – Pull-through design offering quick deployment

    – ATF compliant, US veteran designed and proudly made in the USA

    – Product Includes: complete assembly, adjustable nylon strap

    Price $ 249.99

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