Busted: Illegal Firearms in Värnamo, Sweden

    According to the local newspaper in Varnamo, Sweden, the Police held a press conference on the shootings and gang war there. The small town only populates about 20 000 people.

    At the press conference, the Police released various pictures of the illegal firearms they had seized.

    Below: An illegal AR-15 with what looks like Steel magazine and (probably) an illegal Suomi KP/-31 with three straight magazines, a box of 9×19 mm and a drum magazines. Watertight bag comes handy for illegal storage.

    Three people, two men and one woman, are now in custody. The trio is suspected after the Police searched their houses. One of the men is also suspected of a serious drug crime. According to the Police, the trio have handled the guns with the associated ammunition, as shown in the pictures.

    The Police state that both the suspicions of the firearms crime and the serious drug crime are a consequence of the police’s long-term work against persons in Varnamo with connection to criminal organizations.

    Below: This looks like a Suomi KP/-31. If so, it’s a submachine gun of Finnish design used during World War II, but apparently still going strong. According to Wikipedia, its 71-round drum magazine was later copied and adopted by the Soviets for their PPD-40 and PPSh-41.

    You can compare the drum magazine here: Finnish Suomi 71 Round 9mm Drum Magazine as well as in this video: Suomi 72 round drum loading.

    Below: Most likely a Suomi KP/-31, together with two of the seized magazines.

    This illegal AR15 below reminds me of the Back To The Future! Building a M16/XM177-style AR15.

    I wonder if it actually works in semi-auto, or if the barrel was cut in front of the gas block?

    As you can see someone machined the serial number away, all the way through the lower. I doubt the work was done in a way to copy the skeletonised look. The lower looks like a semi-auto only.

    All pictures taken by the Swedish local Police.

    If you wonder why I keep repeating the word illegal firearms the reason is that these firearms can be owned legally, and some do. By the looks of it, until the court has come to a conclusion, the trio in custody chose not to.

    Perhaps you can spot more details in the pictures – let us know in the comments.

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