New Echo Sport Pull & Release Trigger System By FosTecH Inc.

    Echo Sport trigger

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    FosTecH Inc. has created the Echo Sport trigger, their second pull and release trigger system for AR-15 rifles. The Echo Sport is different from Fostech’s first version in that there’s an added paddle switch to change firing modes from binary to standard semi-automatic firing instead of using the safety selector like the Echo AR-II.

    Echo Sport trigger

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    Fostech also released an introduction video on how the Sport trigger works and demonstrates the functions. As seen in the above photo, the paddle switch sits just above the trigger inside the trigger guard. After firing one round in the pull and release setting, the trigger can be switched back to semi-auto function while firmly holding the trigger rearward while moving the paddle switch to semi-auto. The trigger can then be safely released.

    The Fostech Echo Sport trigger system has an MSRP of $299, which is priced more economically than the first AR-II version at $479. Orders currently appear to be on a pre-order basis, although this outfitter appears to have some in stock. In the YouTube comment section, people inquired about the advantage over the AR-II model. One of Fostech’s responses was that the Sport model was designed to be a more affordable option while still maintaining all the functionality of the more expensive model. listed the trigger pull weight was between 5-8 lbs and specified that it’s not a “drop-in” trigger, an installation video is pending. The paddle attachment point can be seen just in front of the trigger in the photo below.

    Echo Sport trigger

    Echo Sport pull and release trigger system components. Image from

    What do you think about this product? Do you think you’d prefer to control the function at the safety selector (as used in the Echo AR-II) or with the Echo Sport’s paddle switch? For those of you that have tried binary triggers, what are your thoughts on the concept compared to fully automatic or semi-automatic modes of fire?

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