Guntec USA Introduce 9mm AR-15 Mag Adapter

    Guntec USA 9MM Adapter (Guntec USA)

    As the pistol calibre carbine market continues to grow in popularity, Guntec USA, based in Scottsdale, AZ, have announced the launch of their 9x19mm AR-15 magazine adapter. Guntec’s adapter has an aluminium body with steel inserts, including the extractor, it works with the classic Colt submachine gun magazines and holds the bolt open on the last round. Like other adapters, the Guntec magwell insert simply needs to be paired with a 9x19mm upper receiver.

    Here’s what Guntec USA have to say about their new 9mm adapter:

    Guntec USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative tactical weapon accessories continues to improve their already impressive line of AR parts by introducing a new 9MM Adapter.

    Made in the USA at their factory in Scottsdale, Arizona, Guntec’s 9MM Magwell adapter is constructed with an aluminum body and steel inserts. The insert will convert a standard 5.56 lower receiver to accept 9mm stick magazines. The adapter will still allow bolt hold open on last shot.

    The lightweight insert installs into the bottom of a standard lower. There is a retention screw on the top of the adapter and two set screws that lock in into the wall of the Magwell. The anodized finish ensures its durability to handle anything you put it through with flawless functionality. Guntec has a reputation for exceptional performance and this adapter is no exception.

    Guntec USA 9MM Magwell Adapter Specifications:

    • Insert Converts Standard 5.56 Lower Receivers To Accept 9mm Stick Magazines
    • Accepts Colt Style SMG Mags
    • Bolt Hold Open On Last Shot
    • All Aluminum Body With Steel Inserts
    • Installs By Inserting In Bottom Of Standard Lower
    • One Retention Screw On Top Of Adapter, And Two Set Screws That Lock Into Wall Of Magwell.
    • Lightweight
    • Anodized Matte Finish

    The Mag adapter has an MSRP of $89.95. More information available over at Guntec USA’s website

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