Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Launch AR15s Into Space

    Sons Of Liberty Launch

    Space photo by Miriam Espacio, AR photos from

    Anyone following Sons Of Liberty Gun Works might be aware that they had recently made hits on a target two miles away.  Well, they’ve since aimed a lot farther, using a 90-degree vertical hold-over.  The Sons Of Liberty Gun Works crew posted a video on their Instagram account of a privately launched rocket containing two AR 15s, with the stated goal of putting the first American firearms in space.  If the Sons Of Liberty rocket actually reached their goal, to my knowledge, it would be the first instance of American made firearms in space.  I am unaware of any other attempts to send unmanned rifles into space.

    As most firearm aficionados are aware, the Russian space program sent their cosmonauts with a firearm specially designed for them as TFB has reported on before.  The Russian space guns had been in service since the early ’80s, which has left an almost four-decade gap of the American astronauts of being outgunned in space, or upon their return to Earth.  Even though the chances of an intergalactic incident were nil, it’s hard for some of us to imagine American pioneers going anywhere unarmed, especially when going to a place dubbed “the final frontier.”

    As for the Sons Of Liberty rocket launch itself, there’s currently scant information. There were no further reports on how big the rocket was, what kind of fuel or engines used, or how high the rocket got. I’m curious about how the rocket retrieval went as well and where it landed. There’s not much in the video to get a size reference on the rocket, but perhaps some of our readers can help take guesses as to the potential capability this rocket had. In the video, someone can be heard saying “it’s going transonic,” which leads me to believe that they had some instrumentation on board to measure speed and altitude with a real-time relay of information back to Earth.

    What do you think about the Sons Of Liberty Gun Works’ launch of firearms into space? Do you think they made it?

    Doug E

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