Update: Schmeisser 60-Round AR-15 Magazine

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    Last year, we reported about this 60-round AR-15 magazine displayed by Schmeisser at SHOT Show 2018. Back then, it was still in developments and the company didn’t allow to take the magazine apart and photograph its internal parts. This year, at SHOT Show 2019, they were ready to show the internal mechanism of the magazine. Let’s take a look.

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    At first glance, it seems to be the simplest possible design. The large coil spring rides inside the quad stack portion of the magazine and the separate rectangular spring is designed to work in the double stack top portion inside the AR-15 magazine well. It’s like two basic magazine mechanisms placed on top of each other. How simpler can it be? However, according to the company officials, it took them many years to design the precise geometry of the parts that actually work. It may sound exaggerated, but I think it can easily take years to design a magazine – especially a 60-round quad stack one. Magazines are some of the pickiest firearm parts in terms of design. A slight change of internal ribs design, follower and feed lips geometry can convert a perfectly working magazine into a nightmare and vice versa.

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    Other features of the Schmeisser 60-round magazine include the anti-tilt follower, tool-less disassembly, high strength polymer material and the textured external surface. My personal impression from handling this magazine is that it indeed looks to be made of a quality polymer material … at least it feels so.

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    Here is also a video demonstration of this magazine.

    And below you can find a set of images from the company’s media kit.

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    This Schmeisser magazine should be available for purchase in the US market later this year and it will have an MSRP of around $70. The exclusive US distributor of these 60-rounders will be a company called Blue Line Solutions.

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