[SHOT 2019] Lancer System’s NEW L30 Aerial Interdiction Rifle and Modular Handguards

    L30 AIR with brass catcher

    Though brass catchers and shell deflectors do not ship with the L30 AIR, this is one example of a brass catcher that can be mounted on the gun.

    Delivering Lead from Overhead

    Lancer’s new L30 AIR (Aerial Interdiction Rifle) was designed for gunners from an aerial platform.  Chambered in both .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, this rifle was designed with being lightweight for caliber as well as compact.  The upper receiver was developed with weight reduction in mind, and lacks a forward assist and dust cover.  Further weight reduction is achieved with the selection of Rubber City Armory’s Ti Bolt carrier group.  It’s skeletonized rail is compatible with most rail mounted brass catching or deflecting devices, a must when used from most helicopters.

    The L30 AIR comes with a 1:8 twist 14.1″ Ballistic Advantage government profile barrel with carbine length gas system, and a Lancer Nitrous pinned and welded brake to avoid SBR nonsense.  The carbon fibre handguard has a 2″ front rail section.  MSRP will be roughly $4,000.

    Cover the can

    Also on display was Lancer’s new modular handguard.  Featuring a locking collar and side latch, these hand guards allow you to quickly attach a suppressor cover directly to handguard of one’s SBR or Pistol when suppressed, and remove it when you want as compact a platform as possible.  It will be available in two diameters for various sizes of suppressor.

    On the non-lethal side of things, Lancer had their new L5AWM Safety Magazines on display.  These have a specific block in the rear of the feed lips to only facilitate the use of non-lethal or marking ammunition and prevent the insertion or operation of live ammunition.

    Oh-and if your 3-gun persona is Tactical Grimace, purple magazines are back in stock.

    For more information, please visit Lancer Systems

    Also in stock are .300 Blackout marked magazines. Gotta try and keep those kb’s to a minimum!

    Rusty S.

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