POTD: Brazilian Federal Police with Bushmaster XM15-E2S

    The recent arrest of Brazil’s former President Michel Temer on corruption charges – for the record, he was released some days later- by DPF – Departamento de Polícia Federal (Federal Police Department), while being driven from his home in São Paulo, was a quick opportunity to see one of the weapons in the inventory of the local feds. The agent seen in the sole picture made public is holding a 5.56x45mm Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle fitted with an EOTech EXPS3 holographic red dot sight and its correspondent 3X magnifier. The “GPI” on the agent’s vest stands for Grupo de Pronta Intervenção (Quick Intervention Group), a crack unit created in 2009 to deal with very special situations on a nationwide basis.

    The XM15-E2S is of pretty much general issue in the DPF, having been in service since 2001. Other local, earlier acquisitions of “ARs” included Colt-made M4s and M16A2s in the 1998-2001 period, while the Hekcker & Koch HK416 is of much more recent purchase.

    A 14.5 in barrel Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle from the Brazilian Federal Police Department inventory with the same accessories as seen in the POTD image. Note the Surefire M720V light under the handguard.