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Umarex pellet

Umarex Havox Ammo

Umarex is now offering what it claims to be is the “most lethal air gun hunting ammunition ever created.” That’s a pretty big claim, so lets take a look at what the new Havox ammo is. Havox is made for small bore air gun hunting. The projectiles are [Read More…]

IO Inc Valkyrie Howard Leight Smith Wesson LPK ASR Taurus Spectrum Alps-OutdoorZ-Monarch-X Caracal Caracal Enhanced F 2 Ballistic Advantage Spartan 1911 Colt flashlight Thompson Center Compass 6.5 Creedmoor blackhawk-charging-handle Federal HST Dara Holsters Advanced Tactical TK22 SIG P320 Air Pistol 2A Armament Bergara rifle Caldwell NX15 C-45 Lower Oleg Volk Oath Ammo TailHook Cobalt Stealth Ruger 450 Bushmaster Hexmag grip

New Hexmag Grip

Hexmag announced it will show a new AR-15 pistol grip at the SHOT Show next year. The new grip is called the Hexmag Tactical Grip and is a different product than the Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip (or ATG) that was announced last year. The new Hexmag Tactical Grip is a [Read More…]

M-Grip Ed Brown AGI Course VISM BlastAR Kit

VISM BlastAR Kit

NcStar will being selling a new kit of AR-style rifles in 2017 called the VISM BlastAR Kit. According to NcStar, the VISM BlastAR Kit will take your “AR-15 to the next level” by transforming “your ordinary AR into a modern, cutting edge battle [Read More…]

The Sentinel Wilson Combat ULC MFT holster FlipDot Armscor VR60

Armscor VR60 Shotguns

Shotguns in the style of an AR-15 seem to be gaining in popularity. In a way, it is understandable. The AR rifle is an easy shooting platform that has become America’s rifle. Making a shotgun that mimics many of the AR characteristics seems to make good business [Read More…]

remington chassis RTT AR10 SASS

RTT Firearms AR10 SASS

RTT Firearms is now selling a new .308 semi-automatic rifle called the AR10 SASS. The new rifle looks like it could be a good choice for anyone needing a precision rifle in .30 caliber. The upper and lowers are machined from billet 7075 aluminum and are a DPMS [Read More…]

battleworn glock pistol Gorilla Gear Harness SL-S Stock One More Wave Noveske rifle STD-1911 Faxon Muzzle Devices

New Faxon Muzzle Devices

Faxon Firearms announced a pair of new muzzle devices that are available immediately. They are the Gunner and the Flame. Gunner The Gunner is a three port muzzle brake that the company designed to combine recoil reduction with usability. According to the company, the [Read More…]

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