Meopta’s New MeoMag 3x Magnifier

    Meopta MeoMag-3x

    Meopta USA announced the company is now selling a 3x magnifier for red dot sights like the recently introduced MeoRed T reflex sight. Meopta states that the MeoMag will work with “any red dot sight on the market today.”

    The magnifier is also designed to be used as a monocular. Consequently, the external shape of the MeoMag has a design that is more ergonomic than some of the alternative magnifiers on the market.

    As one would expect, the MeoMag is rated as shockproof, fog proof and waterproof. The magnifier is rated as submersible to 2 meters for up to 2 hours. It is designed to operate in a variety of climates and has a temperature operating range of -40˚ F to 140˚ F.

    The lenses have a variety of coatings to minimize glare, repel water, dirt and skin oil and still enhance light transmission. Light transmission is rated at 83-86% depending on lighting conditions. The MeoMag has something called Fast Opening Lens Covers which seem to be self-explanatory.

    Meopta USA set the suggested retail price at $999.99. Optional accessories include a hard case, fixed mount, and quick release mount. Additionally, the company offers a hinge mount that allows for the magnifier to move left or right so you can easily swap between 3x magnification and none.

    Richard Johnson

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