Your Tree Stand is Calling: Bushnell’s New Impulse Trail Camera

    Bushnell recently announced a new Impulse trail camera that is said to dramatically improve cellular connectivity and and imaging.

    The new cameras come in two versions – one for AT&T networks and one for Verizon networks. According to the company, photos can be sent via any cellular network with both cameras. However, it appears that video can only be transmitted by one of the two major carriers. Both use a 4G LTE modem.

    Speaking of video, the new Bushnell Impulse records full 1080p high definition video. It will also capture 20 mb still images. That’s a huge improvement over the 1-4 mb images that we were getting just a few years ago.

    Of course a lot of game moves at night. So illumination is very important. Bushnell says the Impulse has a 100 yard effective flash with its No Glow LED technology. The trigger speed is an impressive 0.2 seconds with a one second recovery.

    All things come at a price, and battery consumption is a real concern. However, Bushnell states the camera will run for about 6 months on a single set of 12 AA batteries. It also has an external power source input for a solar panel.

    These are not the only features either. It has a built in GPS system that is part of its anti-theft technology. Also, you can use your phone to get a live view from the camera. Photos are also tagged with wind, moon and weather data.

    Richard Johnson

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